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58 Ratings

Metallicated ,

Brilliant, Epic Death Metal

"In Their Darkened Shrines" by Nile is, without a doubt, one of the greatest death metal albums in recent years, and certainly one of the best albums I have in my collection. I'll take it song by song.
The Blessed Dead- 5/5. Minimal but great use of Egyptian-sounding instruments, and the multiple vocals on the chorus are great.
Excreation Text- 4/5. Very prog-y. Interesting uses of harmonic minor scales that could be construed as cheesy occasionally, but a good track overall.
Sarcophagus- 4/5. Lurching song with a steady tempo and some nice riffs near the end. Also appropriate to the theme.
Kheftiu Asar Butchiu- 5/5. Fast, technical, great use of pinch harmonics during the verses. Love it.
Unas Slayer of the Gods- 10/5. Best track. An epic song that showcases the best Nile has to offer- mellow, eerie acoustics, amazing riffs, and lyrics that will stick with you. When Karl bellows, "Now the spirits of the gods are in Unas" after a long acoustic break full of great double bass drum usage, it sends a shiver down my spine.
Churning The Maelstrom- 4/5. Average, but I like the riffs. Don't understand what the song is about, the lyrics booklet isn't very clear.
I Whisper In The Ear of the Dead- 3/5. Great mood, very interesting premise, and I love the arrangement. Not much instrumentation, but it's a good, creepy break from the chaos.
Wind of Horus- 5/5. I love the riff, and the blast beats that the drummer uses here are stupidly fast. Reminds me of Amon Amarth with the war theme.
In Their Darkened Shrines (Last 4 songs): 5/5. The last four songs are part of a mini-opera about a group of quasi-sorcerers in ancient Egypt who try to resurrect the spirits of the dead to do their bidding. What happens? Well, you'll find out, suffice it to say the storyline is incredibly well done, and based off of a Lovecraft novel. The last track has one of the best riffs I've ever heard with a very eerie, emotionally charged solo over it. Pure simplicity and beauty.

You NEED this album if you like death metal, or any kind of metal at all. The Egyptian theme is one of the best things about Nile, and guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders's explanations of the meanings of the songs is one of the best things about the band. The lyrics don't seem silly or aloof; rather, they help set the mood and contain within them emotions that anybody can relate to. And if not, they're just plain cool. Overall, this album receives a 10/10 in my book. Get it.

SoulEclipse ,

Ulitimate Dealth Metal Band

They say that a band doesn't reach it's maturity level of song-writing and composure until it's 3rd album, and well.....here we are. I'm writing this a little to late, but maybe not for someone who is willing to dig deeper into the altruist form of what death metal really is. I'm not just writing on behalf of "In their Darkened Shrines." I'm also talking about their latest offering. Nile have become the most unique death metal band I can recall, I've listened to hundreds of them I will say. I'm not saying this from a bias stand point either. A band that can put thought and attention, not just into their instruments, but to use their instruments to tell the song, compound this with their scripted lyrics, and you have something that rare bands can do, and when they do, they don't write music that is this exteme and epic. I could go on and on, but that fact of the matter is, Nile rules and no matter how much you want to deny it, you can't....proof is in the pudding. LONG LIVE NILE.

bloodtyrant ,


This is the best album Nile has ever put out by far, it puts most other death metal to shame, its brutal and savage, and in my opinion the most atmospheric album they have done. Its beyond fast, track 6 "Churning the Maelstorm" is the fastest song Nile has ever done if im not mistaken. I would easily rank this as one of the top 10 best death metal albums in the last 6 years.

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