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2 Ratings

LLM2386 ,

Five & Dime Cowboys

I just finished listening to Terry and Toni McCarthy's CD, Five & Dime Cowboys. The songs have a gracious, gentle richness that are touching and moving. The gospel songs seem to have message driven lyrics that remind us that when we put our trust in the Lord we can overcome life's aches, pains and hardships. The song I Don't Know What I Would Do Without You is about couples struggles in their relationships. The song is reflective and hopeful, giving us hope when our struggles seem insurmountable. While listening to the song Writing's On The Wall I was struck by the passion expressed and truth about what is happening to our country as a result of corporate greed and their lack of caring about their workers. In the song 1954 and My Grandfather's House I experienced a sense of culture flashback to when I was growing up in a lumbering town in the fifties and sixties, when everyone had a job and earned a middle class living, only to witness the downward spiral of a good way of life. It is good to see there are still people writing protest songs in the style of Guthrie and Dylan. Overall I found the songs reflective and they gave me a sense of hope. Take a few minutes of your time and listen to a few of Terry and Toni's songs, you will be pleasantly surprised.2386

DiTiG ,

Try not to get left behind from the 5 & Dime

Variety is the spice of life especially in this savory country/folk music dish. Terrence 'T-Bone' McCarthy and wife Toni McCarthy serve up double duty tour-de-force vocal performances, subtly nuanced and melodic. T-Bone is part Ian-Tyson part Bob Dylan sometimes with a rockabilly edge and Toni evokes Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and the Innocence Mission. Love to hear a duet from these two. Virtuoso axe-playing on the part of Terry Bay supplements the mix nicely conjuring up elements of Mark Knopfler and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Overall the combination of the backing band and the aforementioned ingredients brew up a masterful concoction of thoughtful, introspective, and spiritual tunes. Yes, there are politics in this music, powerful messages that all can relate to whether R's or D's, but really this music is for all of us who are caught in the middle. Thank you 5 & Dime Cowboys!

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