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4.8 out of 5
199 Ratings

199 Ratings

Xevkifbjgswtbc25?,34,8 ,


Never mind the high-pitched vocals, this album is a masterpiece. Thank goodness iTunes finally got 21:13! Just buy it, you won't be dissappointed. But if you insist on getting only the best songs...

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
The Crowing
Blood Red Summer
TCV3: Al The Killer
A Favor House Atlantic
The Light and the Glass

Gastrointestinaldisorder333 ,


Ok, first of all, iTunes reviewer is a moron. Just thought Id reiterate that point. Secondly, this is my favorite album of all time, and Co&Ca is my #2 band. This album just blows my mind every single time I listen. By song:

The Ring in Return-Not as good as Keeping the Blade, but still, great musicality. 7.5/10

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3-Wow. This song is just beyond words. I feel that by writing this description, Im fighting a losing battle in trying to describe. And it has my favorite chorus ever in a song. Coheed's quintessential masterpiece. 100/10

Cuts Marked in the March of Men-Its a really good song, I love the guitar especially, but I think it kind of gets lost in between the two around it. 8/10

Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow)- This is one of the catchiest songs they have ever written. I especially love the bit right before the chorus where Claudio sings "Goodbye/Reborn." I've found myself replaying just that five second part before several times. 10/10

The Crowing- Fabulous musicianship. I salute you guys. Wow. 11/10

Blood Red Summer-Im not as big a fan of this one. It's relatively forgettable, I only listen to it when Im listening go the album start to finish 6/10

TCV1: Faint of Hearts-Another catchy one. Claudio's ear for music and lyricism never ceases to amaze me. 10/10

TCV2: Backend of Forever-The worst out of TCV series, but amazing nonetheless. 8/10

TCV3: Al the Killer: This is a polarizing one, but I personally love the harsh, screamed vocal track. Maybe it's my metal background. 10/10

A Favor House Atlantic: First off, please new Coheed fans, this song is not called Bye Bye Beautiful! Secondly, this is one of the better mainstream sounding tracks Co&Ca has done. I definitely prefer it to Welcome Home or Feathers. Not the best of the album, but I still enjoy a quick listen on occasion. 9/10

The Light and The Glass: The only song I can see rivaling IKSoSE. Maybe it's just my passion for long songs, but I can listen to this song on repeat all day. It just refuses to get old. 50/10

21:13: Thank you iTunes for finally getting this one! This is a must have to anyone's collection of Coheed and Cambria! I also love their rendition on Neverender: Children of the Fence. (Which, by the way, is a must have if you're a true fan.) 10/10

metalislife86 ,

emo are you serious

regardless of how coheed ends up into the emo i tunes essentials let me tell you they are far from emo so all you metal heads that got scared of when they looked to their left and saw emo fear not this is a prog metal/rock band and its a audio comic book so buy this and their other three it is the amory wars on cd take this coming from me a die hard metal head but i also love a good comic and claudio is a genius which is why i buy coheed and cambria you should also

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