In It for the Money - EP

In It for the Money - EP

Don’t let the title fool you—Jameson Rodgers is a country music devotee through and through, one who’d happily continue making music even if he never saw another paycheck. He says as much on the title track, a song that reminds would-be Music Row hopefuls not to “keep track of the dues you’re paying” and also shows off just how far Rodgers has come since he debuted in 2016. “I think it shows growth for me as a songwriter, as a singer, as an artist,” Rodgers tells Apple Music. “And so I think people are going to notice how I've grown as a person and artist on this EP.” Lyrically, Rodgers pairs personal songs inspired by his past, like the wistful “When You Think of Mississippi,” with festival-ready party jams like the cleverly titled “Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones.” And Rodgers’ friend and collaborator Luke Combs joins on “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” a rowdy ode to the end of the workweek. Below, Rodgers walks Apple Music through In It for the Money. “Cold Beer Calling My Name” (feat. Luke Combs) “We were just writing up a fun song, and when I went in to record it, we still had no intentions of it being a duet. I was friends with Luke, obviously, and so Luke asked me to go out on tour with him around the same time I was in the studio cutting that song. Luke jumping on it definitely took it to another level. I'm just so grateful for everything he's done for me over the last few years.” “Good Dogs” “Hunter Phelps was one of the writers on it, and he had just gotten a new dog. He had that idea and we were sitting around talking about how it’s funny how sometimes you'd rather hang out with your dog than you would people. And we talked about how they just don't get to spend as much time on earth as we'd like them to. It definitely pulls on the heartstrings.” “Some Girls” “That song has changed my life in a lot of ways. It was my first No. 1 song, my debut single, and it's strange that I haven't got to play a show since it took off. We developed this crew, just this tight circle of friends that ran around together. It was like me and HARDY, Jake Mitchell, and several others, and we used to share demos with each other. I was just like, ‘Man, if nobody ever cuts this, this has my name all over it.’” “In It for the Money” “That is one of the most personal songs I've ever put out. It’s a song that I've lived, that I'm living. I say it all the time: I would do this, what I'm doing right now, for a ‘just getting by’ salary forever, because it's just what I love to do. I love waking up and trying to write a song or waking up in another city and playing a show. It's just in my blood.” “Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones” “We wanted it to be a song that I look forward to playing live as we were writing it down. The title ‘Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones’ came from me throwing that line out for another song, and I don't even think we finished the song we were writing because I threw that out as a line and they were like, ‘Wait, that sounds like a song of its own.’ The whole time we were just like, man, this needs to be like a ‘beer in the air, girls dancing, and just a good time’ kind of song, and didn't try to put too much thought into it. It just kind of fell out. I just cannot wait to play that.” “When You Think of Mississippi” “It takes me back to a time and place in my younger years when I was living in Mississippi. Everyone has a young love, and maybe a broken heart, that you always kind of remember. I feel like people, even though it says Mississippi, I feel like people can still relate to it in their own way.” “Desert” “A lot of people are going to hear that song and probably assume that it was a quarantine song, but it was actually written pre-COVID. I guess the good Lord knew that we were going to need a song like this. This song, to me, is basically saying the low points will make the high so much better. You just kind of take things for granted. I think that song is going to soothe a lot of souls.”

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