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195 Ratings

drmerdcver ,


All of the things I love about Nightwish and more. I love the lyrics, the choirs, the pipes, the orchestras! Turn Loose the Mermaids is so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes! The Crow, The Owl, And the Dove is another completely beautiful piece. I want My Tears Back is classic Nightwish in a Wishmaster era sort of way and also reminds me of Over The Hills and Far Away. Marco and Anette compliment each other so well on this album. Can't stop listening to it! The icing on the cake is the children's choir. Just the perfect touch. Rest Calm and Scaretale are perfectly polished off with the affects of the childrens voices as is Ghost River. Last Ride of the Day is just full of anticipation and excitement, and then followed by the epic closer, Song of Myself, which is sure to please the diehard fans with its dramatic arrangement and surprise ending.

-The Ghost- ,

Tim Burton: The Musical

I was actually one of the lucky ones to get a copy in December by way of import (and on clear double vinyl too). Now that it's finally been released here in the states, I'm free to share my clam, collected, and humble opinion on this album...


I'm one of those people who originally thought the band died with Tarja's firing, seeing as Nightwish pretty much evolved their own niche in power metal around her operatic voice. Compensating for new recruit Anette's more "normal" sounding voice, the band decided to incorporate more live orchestration to their sound and down tune the guitars a little to keep themselves in the symphonic realm while maintaining that bite to their sound. "Dark Passion Play was a bit of an inconsitent beast; the band sounded heavier than ever and the Celtic-flavored orchestration was wonderful orchestration, yet half of it sounded off. Anette's vocals sounded a bit "meh" on that one, as if her vocal chords were confused, weak, or didn't know how to respond to the music itself, but part of it was also keyboardist and lead force of the band Tuomas Holopanien's experimentation with new sounds while groeing accustomed to her voice and putting two and two together.

This is different though. This is where Tuomas and the guys mastered this sound into one complete, consitent, dark, gothic, heavy, light (oxymoron) delivered like a sweet masterpiece of a 19th century play and sweep the listener into its cold, frosty wonderland; Anette's vocals mastered to envelope the music and the band creatively integrated around her vocals. The orchestral segways 'Taikatalvi,' 'Arabesque,' and 'Imaginaerum' are among the most lushly orchestrated pieces ever created simply to ground what is primarily a metal album. 'Storytime,' 'Ghost River,' 'I Want My Tears Back,' and 'Last Ride Of The Day' takes the band's heavier side to new epic hights through an almost pegan/viking metal sound to the tracks; and while the guitar-keyboard interplay may never sound as exhilarating as the "Oceanborn" days again (which makes me a very sad man), it's an improvement over recent efforts. The more tranquil breathers 'Slow, Love, Slow,' 'Turn Loose The Mermaids,' 'Rest Calm,' and 'The Crow, The Owl, And The Dove' are melodically rich and have enough substance to intrigue the listener. The epics 'Scaretale' and 'Song Of Myself,' although can be aquired tastes at first (the former containing a very odd circus jam in the middle and the latter dedicating the last six minutes or so to dialogue), they are indeed great tracks and absolutely essential pieces to this masterwork.

This is an album that transport all open minded listeners into the fantastic world in which the story is being told. It's an album where you almost think of the liner notes as a Playbill, your headphones as a theater, and enjoy the show brought forth from these deranged yet brilliant ba*****s. Tim Burton must be proud.

BluestarLasia ,

Nightwish is Better Than Ever!

I've been aware of this album's existence since early December - and now it's finally here! I think this is very possibly Nightwish's best album to date. Anette really shines in this one; it's almost as if they took "Dark Passion Play" and polished it. Plus, I love any good song about fairy tales and imagination; now I happily find a whole album. The concept is beautiful and it works well. Thank heavens for a deluxe version; the instrumentals are lovely by themselves too.

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