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4.6 out of 5
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652 Ratings

AJLazyBoy21 ,

The Album That Started It All!

This album was the beginning of Britney's sensuality. She became sexy with class and maybe people can not do that but Britney pulled it off well. Britney's albums were now reaching out to a mature crowed and not just the teens anymore. And I know people were pretty shocked when they saw that huge snake around her neck and the 2001 VMA's.

1. I'm A Slave 4 U: First single on the album. Britney showing the world that she's not that little girl everyone new and loved.
Now she's telling you that she's young but she and she knows what she wants. The song has a nice beat by Pharrell Williams and she sounds more mature as well. 5/5

2. Overprotected: 2nd single of the album. A great song, good lyrics and fun to dance too. 5/5

3. Lonely: I really like this song. I love the beat . It's pretty upbeat and fresh. really hard not to like .4/5

4. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman: 3rd single of the album. Showing the world that she's no longer a child so don't treat her like one. The lyrics are really good and it goes great with the beat. 5/5

5.Boys: Really fun, sexy and addictive. I love this song. It's one of the best on the whole album. 5/5

6. Anticipating: Pretty good song.Has a Girls Night Out feel to it. 4/5

7. I Love Rock 'N' Roll: I don't really like cover songs but this one was pretty good. It made me like the song more than the original song! 5/5

8. Cinderella: I like this song but it's not the best song on the album and it's not bad at all. 3/5

9. Let Me Be: Sends the same massage. She's not a child so let her be. 4/5

10. Bombastic Love: Some what like Overprotected but it's kinda different. I like this song and it was on the beginning of the Overprotected video. Oh yeah..that's why they sound the same. The go together. 5/5

11. That's Where You Take Me: I love this song. One off my favorite on the whole album. It's really good. I love the lyrics. 5/5

12. What It's Like To Be Me: I love the Beat Boxing part by Justin Timberlake. I think the song was really good. I love the beat, It's like Hip-Pop/Rock mixed all together. 6/5

Overall the album is pretty amazing and I think everyone should buy it if they don't already have it! Britney Spears is a really hard working person and it really shows that she loves what she does and she does all you the fans. She wouldn't give you an album that don't sound good and this album sound really good. 9/10!

barrin ,

She is the best

I dont care who you are, what you opion is out Britney idc but the fact is she as far exceeded anyones expectations and she is a phonemial geunie women! Who lost her way but is finding it again! i love her AND all she stands for go Brit

heymundy ,

Britney at her best =]

I'm a total sucker for pop music, and it's no surprise to see me give Britney a five star review.

This is probably my favorite Britney album, no joke. I adore ALL of the songs on this album.

My favorite one has to be: That's Where You Take Me. It's Spears' BEST ballad ever, with the cutest lyrics.


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