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4.8 out of 5
225 Ratings

225 Ratings

Evan144 ,

Maylene is shaping up to be one of the best bands out there!!!

This form of Maylene is DEFINITLY a force to be reckoned with!!! I knew when I saw them in San Diego (2nd show I think with the new line up!) and they were ALREADY playing older Maylene songs better than I have ever heard that this new album would be far beyond incredible. Little did I know it would be this good!

First off the guitars... top notch! THe solos are so fresh and in your face! The blend of triple guitars and of all things A BANJO works SO WELL!!!! Whoever is playing the Banjo is extremely talented!

The only thing I was worried about at first is the new drummer. Being a drummer and knowing the Maylene drum parts I was worried because the new drummer was really filling all the spaces with fills and it was not really working when I saw them, but he has settled down and learned the ways of Southern Rock drumming, haha!!!

The band functions really well together, better than there past albums. They mess with times signatures a whole lot.

While still holding true to their Southern Rock roots, and BY NO MEAN LEAVING THEM, they step outside of the south a little in some parts of the songs!!!!

This album is already one of my favorite cds of 2009! The guitar riffs and solos in this new album is some of the best I have heard in a long while!

I want to write more because of how amazed and excited I am about III, but I would just start to repeat myself.

Maylene is not just another Southern Metal band anymore, and III definitly shows it by the intricate music!


Every track is standout, but my favorites, so far, are Waiting on My Deathbed, Settling Scores By Burning Bridges, Harvest Moon Changing, and always of course, their now signature slow song with vocals followed by thesouthern music jam as the last two songs of the album (much like one hinted at, and II implemented)!

Baldwin fam ,

Pulling out the stops!!!!!!!

This band never ceases to amaze me! CONSISTANTCY. Album after album they just keep getting better and better. This band truely is a diamond in the rough in todays music culture. They truely are original,raw, refreshing Southern Hard Rock.They deliver the Goods: Gritty guitar riffs, solos with a swagger and perfect vocals too boot. Ahhhhhhh now thats real Soutern Comfort!!! They got a big mainstream sound and watch...... They'll be turning more heads!!....

monroe07 ,

Maylene= awsome

Maylene just keep getting better better each ablum. Even the first 2 albums were good but this one is just even better. just good ole Southen Rock/ Metal. Makes me proud to be southern

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