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4.3 out of 5
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148 Ratings

Loosifur ,

A bit like the best McDonald's you've ever been to

I get annoyed when I hear the term "metalcore" because I've always felt that something was either hardcore or metal, but these guys are actually metalcore (man, that burns). This album is a little formulaic; breakdowns happen when you expect them, halftimes, whisper building to shout, etc. That having been said, think of McDonald's. Or Wendy's, or whoever. They all have the same menus, the food's the same at every one, and people go there because they know what to expect. Now and again you find a McDonald's where the Big Mac is a little hotter, or a Burger King where the fries are just a little crispier. Unearth is a little like that for me. I know going in to it what I'm gonna hear, more or less, but with Unearth there's the promise that they're gonna do it really well and they're gonna throw in just enough new stuff to keep it interesting. In other words, they're not gonna innovate too much, but they're gonna refine what I think is a very satisfying sound. They're basically a really solid "metalcore" band that's not gonna challenge the listener with anything too different but is gonna be exceedingly good at what they do. Like a Big Mac made by Wolfgang Puck.

Maggot4Life ,

This is true metal.

III: In The Eyes Of Fire is a masterpiece from start to finish. The songs have become heavier, faster, and more thought out since The Oncoming Storm. Unearth have proven to be one of the leaders in this new metalcore scene that is now so common, but the songs on this album are all metal. The guitars and drums are amazing, and the song structure is just as great. The album is finished with an almost poetic instrumental song called "Big Bear And The Hour Of Chaos". I absolutely would recommend In The Eyes Of Fire to anyone who knows what real music is all about. ROCK THE F*CK ON!!!

TheLambofGod ,

Unearth Have Risen to a New Level

This album is so amazing. I was completely blown away by the Oncoming Storm, the drummer from my band and I were listening to that sh!t for weeks. Then this came out... Its almost as if the drummer has gotten ten times better and so have the guitar players. Trevor Phipps is just about my favorite singer in metal right now aside from Randy from LOG. Anyways I would completely reccomend this album. It'll make you want to fight, mosh, scream, laugh, and feel bad that your band isnt this good. Get it now.

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