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From the first set, “If I Were a Boy” and “Disappear” are acoustic downtempo tunes. On the opposite end, her larger-than-life voice is perfectly suited to the sonic enormity and melodrama of “Halo.” Beyoncé is one of the few performers who can swiftly shift from a song like “Ave Maria” to the booty-shaking uproar of “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” And her sass and swagger matches the fearsome throb of “Diva.


From the first set, “If I Were a Boy” and “Disappear” are acoustic downtempo tunes. On the opposite end, her larger-than-life voice is perfectly suited to the sonic enormity and melodrama of “Halo.” Beyoncé is one of the few performers who can swiftly shift from a song like “Ave Maria” to the booty-shaking uproar of “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” And her sass and swagger matches the fearsome throb of “Diva.


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1.1K Ratings

TomTom89 ,

Beyoncé’s BEST..!!!!

Beyoncé formally introduces the world to her alter ego Sasha Fierce and opens up about her personal life. “I am…Sasha Fierce” is a double album that separates Beyoncé’s personality from her alter ego’s. The two disc are very different from each other and offers a wide variety of music in one album! The first disc, “I am…” is filled with heavy ballads and mid-tempos. The sound of this album is similar to that of folk music with a mixture of alternative and acoustic guitars. I was not sure how this would turn out for her, but she sounds amazing! This is a very good look for her, the sound of this album compliments her voice amazingly (as heard in the first single, “If I Were a Boy”). Beyoncé sheds a light on her marriage in tracks like ‘Halo’ (2nd single form this disc) where she sings about letting her guard down after seeing the good in a person, and “Ave Maria” in which Beyoncé re-imagines a classic aria in a new and original musical setting. But the ‘old’ Beyoncé emerges on tracks like “Disappear” where she recalls on an old flame that was went out because he was never there. On this song, she is at her best lyrically (If I beg and if I cry/Would it change the sky tonight?/Will it give me sunlight?). Every song on this disc is a standout and the tracks stand on their own.
On the Second disc, “I am…Sasha Fierce” Bee’s alter ego is revealed (she gave her a last name!). Which she said was inspired by her role as Etta James in the film ‘Cadillac Records‘ . Sasha is what Beyoncé named her stage persona. Sasha is described as being bold, aggressive and bootylicious. Which is what Beyoncé says is the ‘opposite’ of who she is. This side of the album is very upbeat filled with Up-beat records that are sure to get you onto the dance floor. As heard in the first single “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”. Many referred to the song, and this part of the album, as leftover tracks from the album ’B’Day’. But these are everything but. This disc is a lot more pop then what we’re used to hearing from Beyoncé or shall I say Sasha. You can hear it in tracks like “Sweet Dreams” (previously leaked track) and “Radio”. “Radio” is one of the standouts on this side of the album production wise with standout lyrics (I think I‘m in love with my radio/because it never lets me down). She looks back on her childhood fascination, the radio. Then there is the more hip-hop related tracks “Video Phone” (Very sexy track), “Ego” (The 2nd single from this disc), and “Diva” (Where Sasha is rapping/singing, like on “Upgrade U”. This track is the female version of Lil’ Wayne’s hit “A Milli”. The tracks were both produced by Bangladesh). “Hello” is also a standout cut on this disc where Sasha plays off the phrase “you had me at hello”.
Beyoncé has shown her versatility and capabilities with this new album. This is definitely her best and most mature effort to date. Even though the album has less “Irreplaceable” and “Me, Myself & I” type songs, it is still a stellar effort that stands on its own. Beyoncé continues to show why she is the hottest chick in the game. She sounds her best on this album and proved that she can flow better than a rapper! Queen Bee really stepped out of her shell for this project. This is not your average R&B album and doesn’t fit into a certain category. I certainly recommend buying this album!

DSM112 ,

Beyonce is leagues better than 'Sasha Fierce'

In her first solo album since 2006’s B’Day, R&B queen Beyoncé unleashes her alter-ego Sasha Fierce in the appropriately titled ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce.’ The double-disc marks a groundbreaking redefinition of the singer’s approach in recording music.

Many perceive this double-disc approach displaying the two extremes of Beyoncé’s talent to be more of a gimmick than an experimentation. They are right, as this album would have been much better off sticking with more of the ‘I Am’ disc than the ‘Sasha Fierce’ one.

Beyoncé begins the ‘I Am’ disc with a bang in the form of the ballad “If I Were a Boy,” a story of role reversals that tries to relay the pain a woman feels when she knows her man is being unfaithful. This is a very savvy way to start things off, as “Boy” is one of the strongest tracks thanks to its mix of melodic vocals and contemporary pop sound.

Other tracks on ‘I Am’ that show Beyoncé’s maturity as an artist include the melodramatic-but-catchy “Disappear” and the tender-yet-simple “Broken-Hearted Girl,” with the latter track being another potential single release.

Her contemporary take on the stunning “Ave Maria,” although a little pretentious, is another step in the right musical direction. Even the weakest track on this disc, “Satellites,” can be described as being “pretty,” though it is nothing earth-shattering.

As for the disc’s offerings for the deluxe edition, “Smash Into You” sees its lyrics take a backseat to production, but the end result is not diminished by this fact, as it is once again another example of a mid-tempo that builds to a beautifully stylized ending. “That’s Why You’re Beautiful,” on the other hand, is nothing one would ordinarily expect Beyoncé to record, but that is what makes it a pleasant surprise.

But the strongest track of both discs is without question “Halo,” the Ryan Tedder-penned mesmerizing power ballad that builds to a glorious burst of harmony with credit to Beyoncé’s angelic vocals. The track is a shoe-in for a Grammy nomination in 2010.

As for the ‘Sasha Fierce’ portion of the album, Beyoncé fulfills the role of poorly impersonating Rihanna perfectly. If one were not careful, he or she might have thought they put ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ on by mistake. With the exception of the club banging earworm “Radio” and the unexpectedly listenable final track “Scared of Lonely,” the rest of the disc is irritating at best.

While one could consider current urban single “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” to be radio-friendly, it is a step backward to the ‘Dangerously in Love’ days for Beyoncé compared to the amazing effort she put into the tracks on the ‘I Am’ disc. Similarly, “Sweet Dreams” has a hot synth going on but the lyrics are laughable (“tattoo your name across my heart so it will remain”). Although it is beneath Beyoncé, line lifting from Jordin Sparks is apparently not a big deal for Sasha Fierce.

Although none of the tracks on ‘Sasha Fierce’ are amazing, a few are worse than the rest. Case in point: “Diva” is straight-up urban trash that should never have been considered for the album. Even for an energetic alter-ego like Sasha Fierce, the song is a major disappointment. “Video Phone” is another awful offering that adds nothing to the album but instead takes away from it.

The deluxe edition's offerings in addition to “Lonely” are “Ego,” which plays on double entendres to the point that it gets old within the first minute of the song, and “Hello,” which is not bad, just bland.

The sad fact about ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ is that the album could have been five-star material if “Radio” and “Scared of Lonely” could be added to the first disc, with the remaining songs being promptly discarded. Just as Beyoncé has demonstrated growth as a solo artist on ‘I Am,’ she has effectively reverted to her old ways on ‘Sasha Fierce.’

Hopefully this is just one more step in the right direction for Ms. Knowles, and the next album will be a quintessential masterpiece.

Gurban Black ,

A True Diva

How is it possible for us not to recognize that this lady has had 3 solo cds and never settled into a comfort zone? Each CD has been a testament on its own. A testament to the fact that she not only has a good ear for what she can do, but she sees no reason to settle into Rock, Pop or R&B commonalities. Her last CD was not well received for the first week or so, then it took off. This CD is very complete, a tour de force. You have no right to play Sasha Fierce low. Turn it up! And get the Deluxe Version, if only for Ego.

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