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4.3 out of 5
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21 Ratings

TPMR7196 ,

Pros and Cons: Backer Review

Edit: Certain songs have grown on me to give this a higher grade.

As a backer to this album, I have some early information for you all. First off, I love every album of theirs from Last Chance to Breathe through Breathe Again, with Breathe Again being my favorite album and song by them. That being said, this album seems to have fallen a bit flatter than the rest while still being enjoyable to a good degree. Maybe it was the less-than-2-year gap between this album and the last, but I’m not feeling it as much OVERALL due to the large amount of slow tracks. Enjoy this album as you please, but these are my 2 cents on each track.

Overall Rating – 7/10 Too many slower tracks that didn’t match up to their previous works. Worth checking out though. I recommend Silence, I Will Not Fade, Stronger, and Pages of the Past.

This Is Not the End – 7/10 This album’s “Beyond the Stars” (That’s a good song). Even so, this does nothing to distance itself from that song. Not a great album opener.
Stronger – 10/10 Even with the slower verses and quiet chorus, the instruments hold it up very well. Final chorus is excellent!
Dying Without You – 8/10 A more Hard Rock-sounding song that doesn’t do much to stand out. Not bad at all, though. Memphis May Fire "This Light I Hold" vibes, too.
Silence – 10/10 Definite favorite! This was the first song I heard from this album and was hoping for more like it. For the most part, that didn’t happen.
I Will Not Fade – 10/10 Very good song!
Remember the Memories – 5/10 Obligatory slower song. Nothing special but better than the album closers.
Pages of the Past – 8/10 Most unique song off the album due to lots of experimentation. Retains a good amount of heaviness as well.
The Light – 7/10 Slower song that retains the power of the rest of the album. Doesn’t stand out as much as their previously similar songs.
Sleepless Nights – 2/10 Less powerful “Take My Breath Away”. Not really important and singing ends around the 3-minute mark.
In My Sight – 3/10 Same as above except it has singing throughout and a little more power near the end.

SixxAM_46 ,

Amazing Album!

I think Breathe Again for me was one of their best albums. Having said that, I think that this album is just as great. The Light and Sleepless Nights are my favorite ballads, This is not the End, Stronger, Dying without You and I will not fade are great heavier songs. I think they will sound amazing live. I'm really happy that Scoop Roberts helped them record this album. You can definitely hear his talent behind the guitar and he will surely be missed moving forward. As for Matt and the rest of the crew, God bless, keep spreading the message of Jesus and I will continue to support you throughout the years! Great job on this album!

Joe McGrowth ,

Another fantastic album

Spoken just never disapoints. There are many techincal feats in this album that were achieved with incredible skill, and I have a feeling that some of those will go unnoticed. That being said, they put work into their albums, far beyond "just enough" for them to sell. I am somewhat missing the tightness and groove of the "band" feel that comes when members have been playing together for a long time, but considering this album was composed starting with just Scoop recording the guitar tracks on his own, and then Matt writing and composing vocals on his own, all under the engineering of a great producer... thats incredible. They worked so hard on this one guys. Buy it and support their efforts and amazing skill level.

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