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35 Ratings

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Jeremy's Milestone

Having often heard his great music and inspiring songs (and having had him play at my church when I lived in Reno), I certainly cannot deny the incredible skill and heartfelt worship of Jeremy Camp. Since 2002, he’s been quite instrumental from his first album, Stay, to his latest, I Will Follow. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9 are all from the Stay album, each rendering passionate confrontations with God. The catchy tunes and hosannas of “Right Here” meld perfectly with the contemplative power ballads “Walk By Faith” and “I Still Believe”. His early rock influences are also evident in the exciting “Understand” and the rock driven “Take My Life”. 2004’s Restored boasts the worshipful tracks “My Desire” and “Take You Back”, each resonating with pristine musicianship. “Lay Down My Pride” is an inspirational anthem of the necessary of God and the folly of mankind; “This Man” is the obvious standout with its combination of masterful lyrics and Easter theme that make it a smashing hit that challenges us to be steadfast in our faith. From the 2006 release of Beyond Measure, we hear Jeremy Camp’s exploration of his new contemporary themes in the songs “Tonight” and “Let It Fade” (the latter being his biggest hit at the time). “Give You Glory” is my personal album favorite that speaks for the majesty of God. “We have raised a thousand voices just lift your holy name. And we will raise thousands more to sing of your glory in this place,” those lyrics still speak wonders for me even to this day. “Give Me Jesus”, a slow lamenting tune, is probably one of his most well known songs today and very much so still heard on the radio. The last 3 tracks are Jeremy Camp’s newest ones, “There Will Be A Day”, “Jesus Saves” and “Wait” are some of his best yet. Wait is exclusively available one this greatest hits album, while the other 2 can be found on the radio and on iPods everywhere. “Jesus Saves” is the most radio friendly release yet, while however not losing its inspirational and worship value. “There Will Be A Day” is likely the song Jeremy Camp has ever done; it is beautifully written, relevantly truthful, masterfully performed and all in all a wonderful song about the coming of Jesus. The only song that’s disappointingly missing is “What It Means” from Beyond Measure, but I guess you can’t put every good song on one album. Long review short: get this album. Jeremy Camp is an amazing Christian and a talented artist. Even if you don’t care for the whole thing, there’s still tons of songs worth buying.

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