Editors’ Notes Recorded over two nights in January 1995 at the Roxy in West Hollywood, I Heard They Suck Live!! is as important to NOFX’s career as any of its studio albums. Packed from front to back with the band’s best songs to that time, this works as a greatest-hits set while showing the development of the band’s songwriting. Where its studio albums mixed glorious rock songs with buffoonish interludes—self-effacement has always been an integral part of NOFX’s mission—this live document offers only the finest cuts of rock. Though NOFX never had a radio hit to match Green Day or The Offspring, it’s arguable that NOFX had a deeper well of classic and much beloved pop-punk anthems. Among the favorites here are “Linoleum,” "Moron Brothers,” “Soul Doubt,” “Bob,” “Nowhere,” and “The Brews.” The satirical “Punk Guy” becomes particularly relevant in this context as the band is forced to deal with the more obnoxious elements in its audience. “Man, last night they threw ice; now they’re throwing lit cigarettes,” says Fat Mike at the start of the recording. “That’s not cool.”