Editors’ Notes Poppy is a figure of fascination, speculation, and controversy. Given her roles as a YouTube sensation, a religious leader, and a musician with an increasingly unpredictable sound, it’s become natural to expect the unexpected from the artist born Moriah Rose Pereira in Boston, Massachusetts. Even armed with that knowledge, listeners still weren’t perhaps prepared for what third album I Disagree—originally released in January 2020—had in store. Blistering but bubbly, devilish but dreamlike, cacophonic but cute: I Disagree defied definition, but that didn’t stop people from trying.

Given I Disagree’s heaviness and Poppy’s habit of name-checking Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie in interviews, many described the album as “metal,” though it’s a tag Poppy disagrees with—preferring the term “post-genre.” “Living without genre allows the artist more freedom to live outside the box,” Poppy tells Apple Music. “It means you don’t have to work within certain parameters with songs, so you can approach the creative process with more of an open mind. I leave the genre open to whatever the listener decides to define it as.”

Just as listeners had wrapped their heads around the album, Poppy released I Disagree (more): a deluxe version featuring four new tracks. “These were written during and after the making of I Disagree,” explains Poppy. “At the time they didn’t feel they had their exact place in the tracklisting, as if they were the odd ones out, but there’s something about them. Some have shades that will be similar to the original tracks, but some have a new, introductory sound.” Allow Poppy to walk you through all 14 tracks.

“‘Concrete’ was the first single for I Disagree and was written at a similar time to ‘X.’ which was the final track on my previous record, Am I a Girl?. It’s about wanting to be buried six feet below the ground. I’d describe it as ‘X’’s cousin…the kind of cousin that beat up on you sometimes but also likes to give you candy.”

I Disagree
“It’s the title track and provides the overall theme for the record itself. I disagree with a lot of things, but for me it means being okay with saying no—even if you’re the only one in the room that’s standing up and saying it. This is a track I wrote and a few of the lyrical subjects it contained ending up playing out in my real life. Things started to come true in a slightly sad but also empowering way. It’s a song I love performing live.”

“This is a very angsty track, and I really meant every word I screamed into the mic in the studio. It’s about not letting somebody take advantage of you, and also coming to terms that that was something that was happening but that it’s not going to happen anymore.”

Anything Like Me
“This one has a shuffle beat that I love so much. When I perform it live I get to feel every emotion. It has a melodic intro that, lyrically, is coming from a place where I feel there’s something inside of me that I had no control of and was speaking for me. Then the chorus hits and it is so empowering, especially when I get to see a crowd react to it.”

Fill the Crown
“‘Fill the Crown’ is empowering as well, but it’s more of a tongue-in-cheek kind of empowerment. It’s a nod to artists who say ‘You can be anyone you want to be’ in interviews, which is true and sometimes the message is as simple as that and you can take it at face value.”

Nothing I Need
“It’s definitely a reflective song. I went out to Joshua Tree to the desert and I gained this glimpse inside of myself, which brought a new insightfulness for me. It was like looking through a window looking into my own brain. The lyric that stands out to me is ‘When I said that I’m okay/All the power that you had, it just slipped away.’ That’s one of my favorite lyrics on the record.”

Sit / Stay
“This expands on the ideas introduced by the track ‘I Disagree.’ I’m not going to just sit and stay. I won’t abide and obey. Musically this one was inspired by ’90s stuff like [Boston industrial band] Powerman 5000.”

Bite Your Teeth
“‘Bite Your Teeth’ is one of the heavier songs on the record, and it’s also a fan favorite live. I listen to heavy bands like Rolo Tomassi, Norma Jean, Nine Inch Nails, and Rammstein. The title of the song was inspired by Alan Watts, a British writer and philosopher, who said that ‘trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.’”

Sick of the Sun
“Another theme on the record is the idea of staying inside. The themes on the record tend to come across a couple of songs, partnered up. ‘Sick of the Sun’ is, quite literally, about waiting to stay away from the sun. I’m the kind of person who likes to go to the beach but also dresses in black and takes an umbrella with me so I don’t get any color. It’s also a touch of agoraphobia and avoiding people.”

Don’t Go Outside
“Thematically this is more about a victim of mass hysteria in the news media and living in constant fear, which ended up playing out interestingly in 2020. I didn’t predict any of that, just for the record, but it ended up coming true for the world.”

If It Bleeds
“‘If It Bleeds’ is a distant relative of ‘Don’t Go Outside’ in that it’s about the news media and sensationalism. The title obviously comes from the saying ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ The song doesn’t have specific targets in mind, but overall it’s a reoccurring issue I pay attention to.”

Bleep Bloop
“It’s about turning the tables and making someone else feel afraid, because I don’t want to feel afraid anymore. Why do tracks like this make more sense to include now? I think when you’re making an album you’re on a wave. Sometimes you write songs that are too far one way or another, but they’re all valid. I felt like it was important to collect the songs left over to use as a time stamp, as it’s a time I’m never going to go back to and I’m glad I’ll never go back there. These tracks give fans more of a picture.”

Khaos x4
“This was written midway through the process of making I Disagree, but when we were doing the tracklisting this one stuck out to me as not fitting with the overall picture of the album. I feel like this track is more relatable for me now, and my fans are more ready for it given what I’ve already shared with them.”

Don’t Ask
“This is the kiss goodbye to this era. It’s also about not asking me to make any songs specifically like those on I Disagree again. I think there is a time and a place for everything, and I love everything that I Disagree is, but I don’t like to move backwards. This track is also saying don’t ask me about any things that have happened in the past, because I’m not going to talk about them anymore.”


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