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296 Ratings

Plug-In ,

Quit Comparing Them To Radiohead!

I think that it is about time that people start giving Muse its credit as an individual band. They have evolved and developed over the years and it's seriously about time that people recognize that--especially iTunes. Every album blurb has to have something about Thom Yorke in it...but why not just write about Muse itself instead of constantly demonstrating its similarities to other bands?
Muse's strengths lie in the ability of the band members to write amazingly well-put-together music and then perform it as though their lives depend on it. There is always need and always desperation, but at the same time the music remains appropriately humoresque. Matt, Dom, and Chris are all fantastic performers and very creative musicians.

And come on. If the best you can do to describe their sound is compare them to Radiohead, then you must not be very creative at all.


O.A.P. ,

A Must Have for Every Muse Fan!

As the title suggests, this album is a must have for every Muse fan, new or old. Now, if you're just starting to get into them and this is the first album that you're wanting to buy of them, I would suggest you don't. I would suggest that you buy, or at least listen to, another one of their albums, like Origin of Symmetry, or Absolution or something. But if you are a real Muse fan, then this album is definately a treat!
Now, I really don't think that there is any Muse song out there that I don't like. I have've listened to Showbiz yet, but I know I can trust that anything from Muse is going to be a masterpiece! This album has showed me that. The first disc is a bunch of B-sides, and you know that if a bands B-sides are flaw-less, then they're just an awe inspiring band, and that's that! And if you have never been to one of their concerts (like me), then the second disc gives you an idea of what it's like, (and I can't wait until they tour around here so I can go to one!).
I've kind of worked backwards as far as Muse's albums are concered. I started out with Black Holes and Revalations because I heard 'Starlight' on the radio, and I really liked it. Then I went to Absolution (I know it's not in the exact order, but pretty darn close), and personally, I think Absolution is their best as far as I've listened (like I said, I haven't really heard Showbiz, so as far as I know, that could be their best album, I don't know). and now I have bought Hullabaloo Soundtrack, which is also incredible. Some of the live tracks are from 'Origin of Symmetry', others aren't. So if you have enough money, and you like Muse a lot, and have listened to some of their other stuff, and you really like it, then I highly recommend this album! I had to get a whole new gifcard just to get it, but let me tell you, it was definatley worth it!

g-spot(no imposter) ,


Beautifully unique, even when compared to the rest of their material. A must for all Muse fans. Oh yeah...Ashamed is an incredicble song!!

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