7 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

zackarooey ,

Their "prettiest" album to date

Gone are the dark, apocalyptic tones of their previous album. This album is pure beauty. The orchestra is utilized perfectly as well. These tracks are very uplifting and celebratory in a way. Also you might want to actually purchase the physical album because each track has it's own artwork and story to go along with it. Mono are truly artists. Recommended for anyone who enjoys post rock.

mr. poo number 2 (theres no number 1) ,

To Buff bob123...

I have honestly never seen such a short-sighted point of view in my life... He could have atleast ranted on the repetitive themes or slow build-ups (which to clarify I enjoy, hence the 5 stars), but instead he cites that music is non-existant without words.

Have you ever heard of anything besides pop, conventional rock, rap (oouuughhh, nightmare!), and hip-hop (or whatever your going to call it).

Music is instrumental, singing simply is another instrument, which Mono chooses not to include, just as it chooses not to include say a contrabassoon or piccolo to name a few. Singing to me is an untoned, variable instrument which is extremely unreliable and prone to voice cracks, and the like. Beauty is the conveyed message on this album, and it seems you are to short sighted to see it, a horrendous shame.

Judging by the average rating being 4.5 stars, I think many people agree with the statement I am making, that yours is valid (as all opinions are) to you, yet it is unfair that you are trying to convince other people that this masterpiece is "pretentious", which is another way of saying that it is too complicated or long-winded for whoever is saying it to undersatnd. If that is the case for this album, I really feel sorry for you Buff bob123.

Daniel Blystone ,

Take me away!

I truely love this album. It tells a beautiful story and takes you along for the ride! This is a much purchase album.

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