Hoyas - EP

Hoyas - EP

While Sean Carey drums for Bon Iver, he also exists in a parallel musical tableau where he turns out similarly intimate music that differs quite a bit in terms of texture and method. His solo debut, All We Grow, was a beautiful record hinting at his jazz and classical tendencies. On the brief Hoyas, Carey explores more expansive, electronic territory. He uses Auto-Tune as a way of coloring several tracks here with an icy-blue cool hue, embracing the idea of electronic music as something emotionally distant and then partnering it with his breathy voice, gently sparkling percussion, and pastel washes of synths and distorted guitar. The combo makes for a lovely dreamscape on “Avalanche,” and it takes on a sensual, faintly mystical tone on “Marfa.” The opening track, “Two Angles,” is devoid of any Auto-Tuning, and its bewitching ambience (warm and languid beats, muted trumpets) is calming and transporting. Carey worked on these songs over a two-year period with Ben Lester (A.A. Bondy); the EP was produced and mixed by Justin Vernon and Brian Joseph of Bon Iver, a partnership that won a GRAMMY® for Bon Iver.

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