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6 Ratings

BMXdork ,

A staple for any punk fan or anyone with an open mind

People called Chumbawamba sell outs when they rolled out Tubthumper into mainstream America. But in reality, when average Joe bought that record, they really didn't know what they were getting into. The hit song gets the masses to buy the album in hopes of opening their eyes. They may have changed their sound through the years, but the message remained the same. Social and political awareness. They never sold out. They had a plan. And a good one.

Dorkfish25 ,

Utterly Fantastic

I started listening to Chumbawamba as most people do: through their 1997 major label debut, Tubthumper. I had heard rumors that the band had roots in anarchist punk music, a genre I was particularly interested in, so I Wikipedia'd them and discovered this album.

It was so wonderfully abrasive on my first listen - the audio clip of one of the band eating and drinking grates on my ears every time, and who can forget the vomiting? - but past the initial shock one can expect to meet with here, you'll discover that this album is way more sophisticated in terms of both music and message than your average Crass or Conflict albums. Chumbawamba understood from the get-go that there is no worse way to box a movement in than to remove the movement from the actual people affected by governments.

There are moments where the sneering mockery that can be found in abundance on this album washes away, and genuine feelings of anger shine through. Those moments have stuck with me. Highly recommended.

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