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26 Ratings

Habadee Gee ,

Bloodier than Blood

This album is a masterpiece. And I’m sure it’s easy to dismiss that statement because there are thousands of favorite albums out there described as “masterpieces” by their biggest fans. But let me be clear: the quality of this album is rare. It’s not just that there’s no filler and it’s not just that every track is a total work of art. What elevates Summerteeth above so much else I’ve listened to is how the album flows impeccably, without a single hitch. Wilco brings you up and then down and then back up again - it’s a bit of a roller coaster, but you never feel like there’s any chance you’ll lose your hat. It’s not just a simple alternation of happy and sad songs to keep the reader interested - it’s a careful, thought out, natural journey.

I could go through all the songs in detail, but I don’t want to ruin it. Buy this album. Find out for yourself.

RedSox4182 ,


What can I say about this album? It is a journey from beginning to end, touching different genres, lyrical content, emotions, etc, the entire way through. What makes it even more impressive is that there are no "skippable" songs on such a long album. Each songs belongs on Summerteeth in its own way.
Personal favorites: "A Shot in the Arm," "Summer Teeth," "ELT," "How to Fight Loneliness." And I love every other song on this album. It's a pop album, a rock album, an acoustic album, an experimental/psychedlic album, and every moment adds to the album in its own way.

The Corn Kid ,


23 seconds of silence is incredible. It reminds me of my favorite film Pacific Rim.

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