Editors’ Notes The first Wu-Tang Clan member to drop a solo album, Method Man was an instant fan favorite thanks to his uniquely gruff flow and wide-ranging verbal prowess. On this hits collection, we get choice selections from his 1994 epic Tical ("Bring the Pain," "Release Yo' Delf"), plus mandatory collabos with his longtime partner-in-rhyme Redman ("How High," "Da Rockwilder") and crossover love jams featuring Mary J Blige ("I'll Be There for You/All I Need to Get By") and D'Angelo ("Break Ups 2 Make Ups"). While recent years have seen him busier on the screen—in multiple movies, TV shows, and commercials—than in the recording studio, this project proves yet again that he's an emcee first and foremost. It would have been nice to include some of his joints with the rest of the WTC—but as a compilation focusing on his solo career, this is a good one. If you're even a casual fan of Johnny Blaze, you're in for a treat.