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4.3 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

BrianSwaldi ,

Rough, but lots of promise

Though I don't necessarily agree with everything the album review said, I do like how it was said. I also agree in spirit with that review in that there's a mix of early brilliance mixed with some weak throwaways in the middle. This album is clearly early, rough, and under-developed. Many of the songs actually sound like demos and early cuts before the final versions. Even the vocals aren't quite consistently as good as they are on subsequent efforts.

They do get much better after this album, but you can hear the groundwork and beginning of their great sound. The vocals in particular show flashes of solid brilliance as the singing is better overall than the instrumentals. When the vocals are good on this album, in fact, they are unique and awesome. No one sings quite like this guy.

The 88 are unique and very difficult to put on playlists because of that. They've always sounded a bit like the non-pretentious side of Wilco, but on this album I'm reminded of a cross of Oasis with some of the softer Jet songs.

As I said, the album review at the top of this page is correct. There is a point in the middle of the album where things get boring and weaker. There's a clear quality gap between the keepers and the throwaways. This album does have the lowest average star rating of any of the 88 albums. There's no 5 star songs as there usually are on their albums. There's two 4 star songs including How Good It Can Be - the best song on the album. There's also three 3 star songs, two 2 star songs and six throwaways. A very high number for any album.

gpj23 ,


amazimg! graet music.

Shifting Perception ,

These guys are great!

I honestly have to say that although I like every single song this band has put out, this album is my favorite. It contains a great mix of various styles of music, from rock to ballad to ethereal, and has a wonderful sound quality & feeling to it.

I love the quirky lyrics, the harmonies, unexpected key changes, and interesting riffs they come up with. "All The Same" "Afterlife" "Elbow Blues" "Kind of Light" and "No Use Left For Me" are my favorites, although every single song is a winner. This band knows how to write great melodies and harmonies, as well as tunes that WILL get stuck in your head and make you want to listen to them!

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