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3.7 out of 5
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210 Ratings

Magic Man ,

Well Isn't This a Nice Suprise!

In what seems like forever now I finally have access to a couple of songs & artists that I've been pestering iTunes to put up on their store for God knows how long.

At last after searching every week, Matthew Wilders "Break My Stride" and Champaigns "How 'Bout Us" are finally on the iTunes store. I've been waiting forever for these artists and their respective songs to appear up on the store, and now in this collection they're here finally. The best thing is as far as I can tell these are the authentic original songs, not knockoff versions that are prevalent on the iTunes store. These are indeed the goods, since this is a Sony collection not a K-Tel one you can feel more assured that these are the actual studio versions. Funny to find these long requested songs in this collection but beggars can't be choosy. Nice job iTunes!

chgordon ,

Good But Expensive Album To Buy Some Songs

This is a good album and appears to have all ORIGINAL songs by the ORIGINAL artists, at least. At most, I don't feel that some of these songs should be available ONLY IF YOU BUY THE ENTIRE ALBUM, e. g., the Eddie Money song "Take Me Home Tonight" and a few others mentioned in previous reviews. This is especially not understandable since you can buy the Eddie Money song individually on Eddie Money's album(s) elsewhere on iTunes.
*****To the decision makers at iTunes: please reconsider this pricing. It is a bit silly and unfair, to say the least.*****

All of the above being said, this album is a good representation of pop hits of the entire 80s decade. All of the songs sound good and clean and certainly bring back some memories. It is a good purchase if you are looking for originals of 80s pop music.

WovenDreams ,


Seriously, the whole album for 1 song? This hardly seems fair.

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