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Luv_Nena ,


Wow, I just got back from a vacation to Romania and kept hearing this song. Then I saw the video! Geez Louise, I am hooked !!! I listen almost exclusively to alternative rock but this music is incredible. Gorgwous Romanian babe with an awesome voice. If you like this song check out DJ Andi and Aida - another awesome Romanian girl with a great voice. It's ashame the videos aren't available they really are something else.

spitefulness ,

I was in Europe and i kept hearing Innas songs

I was in europe in summer vacation ana i kept hearing inna's songs i wish intunes puts some more songs of her

L.L.Cool J(Latin Lover Cool Johnny) ,

\m/ _d(-_-)b_ \m/

I was in Romania (Brasov). Heard this song and was completely hooked... love anything with (Play & Win). Inna rocks this song! Hope itunes gets with the program and puts out more jams by (Play & Win)! Another song to look out for is Slow Motion by Play & Win. itunes doesnt have it yet? check it out on the net if you love Inna's songs you'll love Play & Win... Loved Romania....

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