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The post-hardcore quartet inspire with new sounds and methods.

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The post-hardcore quartet inspire with new sounds and methods.

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4.1 out of 5
112 Ratings

112 Ratings

IknowsAll ,

New favorite Rock Band at 55?

I never thought I would have found a new favorite band at my age but in the current age of rock mediocrity, these guys really shine. They’ve moved past their emo roots into a modern prog group.

Redfield70x7 ,

Both intensely enjoyable and entirely disappointing

Everyone's reviews are subject. Let me preface with that fact before I begin. I'm sure some will immediately throw stones at my points.

I've been a huge thrice fan over the past several years when I discovered the wealth and richness of lyrical content that was worshipful and faithful to God's Word. Albums in particular like Vheissu, Beggars, and Major/Minor showed unrelenting and unapologetic proclamation of biblical truths. For me, this was by far the most amazing and enjoyable aspect of Thrice - what appealed to me most.

With their previous album, I noticed a stark difference from Major/Minor in that, lyrically, they almost completely ditched any semblance of advert Christian theme or truth and instead opted for a far more political focused album. With Palms, it appears Dustin (and the rest of the band) have completely left any Christian view in the past (forgotten their first love) and instead chosen to proclaim vague universalist, humanist, or even agnostic views. For some people this will be refreshing or even a relief if they are opposed to Christianity - for me and I'd imagine many other Christians, this will be disheartening, saddening, and ultimately disappointing.

NOW - with all of that said regarding Palms lyrical and thematic content, both the instrumental and melodic content of this album are absolutely fantastic. This is Thrice as veterans - comfortable and now able to both experiment with different sounds as well as to both hear and choose what sounds best. Each song is varied musically and this shows. The album appears at first glance slightly eclectic, but it all flows beautifully from beginning to end. Each nuance and accent throughout the soundscape is the album is just... perfect. This is some of the best sounds I've heard from the band yet, hands down.

Stand outs to me are The Dark, Just Breathe, and Beyond the Pines - the last of which being my absolute favorite from the entire album. It's haunting and beautiful and immensely enjoyable to listen to.

In sum, this is Thrice quite undeniably at their prime both instrumentally, melodically, and creatively - this is, at the same time, Thrice at their most vague and opposed lyrically to what they have, at least to me, been about for the last decade or more which is first and foremost about Christ and the truth/proclamation of the Gospel. Palms is a Thrice I can no longer enjoy to worship God with and THAT is ultimately why I can't rate this album at anything more than a 3/5. If they had continued to proclaim the weighty and elegant truths found in Beggars and Major/Minor, this would not only be a 5/5 for me but would easily be my favorite album by the band to date - and that's saying A LOT. Hope this review helps anyone on the fence. Buy it. Enjoy it. Thank God for it, but know the caveats.

8675309song ,


Coming after the last album this pales in comparison

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