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7 Ratings

Namedmelaika ,

A band you can depend on

Suuns are as creative and original as you could hope for a band to be. Each album has brought about subtle changes to what was already a refined sound.

Menacing, psychedelic, electronic are a few adjectives you could use to describe the sound, but there is something more behind it all.

There is something about the way lead singer/guitarist Ben Shemie calls out from underneath layers of reverb and echo that transcend this world and elevate the music to some sort of higher consciousness (albeit sometimes schizophrenic).

The throbbing electronics and cascading synth lines put down by Max Henry further push the music into an ethereal world, and can either uplift the ambience, or add to the menace.

Guitarist/bassist(?) Joe Yarmush adds even more texture to the music with his clever fills, frills, and talent that take each song beyond a droney ambience, generally adding to either the low or high ends of the song.

Liam O'Neill has delivered fantastic drum parts on each Suuns release, and if these singles are any indication, this album is no different. Subtle or bombastic when needed, with a sexy slink or the power of a Luftwaffe air raid, O'Neill not only holds everything together, but adds to the layers of sound with his own innovative style.

Overall Suuns offer much more promise than you can expect from many alternative/underground/indie bands today. They take chances and change their sound in subtle ways. Every album is an improvement on the last.

They aren't afraid to experiment, which means every album is a new and rewarding experience. This is a band that strives to make not just music for music's sake, but art. It deserves to be appreciated as such.

Take a chance and you will be surprised at what you find.

Scavenge for Harris content ,

Anticipating something Original

If you ever wanted to go full vampire, then drive at midnight while playing this. It has an originality to it which makes me smile. Deep Bass and Drones echo with Cryptic vocals.

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