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9 Ratings

Spazmodelica ,

RSF are the most under-rated Pop act of the last two decades!

"It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE Right Said Fred. In fact, when the brotherly duo of Richard and Fred Fairbrass released their last studio album, I'm A Celebrity, I did an in-depth interview with them that remains my proudest moment here on the Discussions Magazine blog.

So, a year later, Right Said Fred release Hits, an album so chock full of goodness that it makes the perfect introduction to those who may have missed these tracks the first time around but also serves as a reminder to fans on how just great RSF are. Fans will also dig the opportunity to find two brand new songs that are unavailable elsewhere (more on those later).

So, unless you are European, you may only know the duo from their massive hit "I'm Too Sexy". Yes, it's extremely infectious and is adored by millions of earthlings of all ages, from kids to grandparents. But most folks think of it as a novelty tune, and it kind of is (no disrespect to the Fairbrass Bros!). Thing is, that tune sounds NOTHING like the rest of their repertoire!

There's a difference between dance music artists with a catchy Pop tune and Pop artists with a great tune that you can dance to. Right Said Fred fall into the latter category. Take away the dance beats and you've still got a great song. In fact, their CD singles have contained acoustic versions of the A-sides which have revealed a pair of tunesmiths that know their way around a good melody.

The easiest comparison is Pet Shop Boys, except RSF are a lot less pretentious and create music that they clearly enjoy playing. Pet Shop Boys, as good as they are, often sound bored. But not RSF! They seem to be having the time of their lives. Plus, with Fred being a guitarist, there is a lot more acoustic and electric guitar floating around on their albums than Pet Shop Boys.

While this Hits collection features practically all of their A-sides (and unfortunately includes nothing from I'm A Celebrity), non-fans are missing out on great album tracks. But enough about that...

Hits is fantastic. Period. It's the bee's knees. It's music for the heart, soul and feet. It's the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, President's Day and any other damn day of the year! If you love songs that you can sing along to, dance to and shout from the rooftops, then Hits is for you!

While there are plenty of great moments here, some do sound a bit different (ie: remix but not re-recorded). I'll have to check with the Freds on that one. I'm a shameless fan and own all the singles, but the album versions are what I'm more familiar with. So, that's even more reason for y'all to run out to get it!

Now, in regards to the two new tunes: I initially didn't like "Sexy Bum" and felt it was kind of a step back for the boys, but I've grown to enjoy it. Very catchy, fun and tongue-in-cheek (er... pun intended?). On the other hand, "Right On The Kisser" is a fab tune that hits a home-run on first listen! It's more in the vein of their finest moments like "Stand Up (For The Champions)", "Melanie" and "We Are The Freds". It should be a massive hit.

So, go buy this sexy little disc and play the hell out of it! Drop your "I'm Too Sexy"-based bias and have some fun!"-Stephen SPAZ Schnee/Discussions Magazine

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