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3 Ratings


Great Listen, But Fair Warning, A Tinge Bit High!

The concert seems to be a 1/2 step higher. Nothing an audio editor like Audacity can't fix. Nothing unlistenable either. This is pretty cool no matter how you listen to it, but the proper way is a half step lower. Just though I'd give the warning. This is a pretty cool concert though! Iggy speaks Freach to the audience! I betcha he probably cusses at them too in French haha! Anyways, the energy in this concert is a rare thing around this time, because Bowie usually toned it down. Take the time to fix the pitch problems, and you may have the best gig of Iggy in the 70s. Not to mention the (thus far) only cover of him doing "Jenny Take A Ride" (Which if they wanted it to be labeled correctly the way it is, should be "C.C. Rider/Jenny, Jenny") by Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, another Detroit Rock group that Iggy must've been a fan of. Just know its a little like his cover of "Louie, Louie" if you know what I mean. Overall, one of my favorite looks at Iggy. Make it one of yours!

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