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4.4 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

snobbyjay ,

Their back!

Cells is cool. Looking forward to the rest of this album.



This isn’t the Keith Buckley we’re all thinking of lyrically. Keith decides to open up and let us see more of his intimate feelings.scott Ian and how trohman (sorry if I butchered the name) go together like ketchup and fries. Andy Hurley as always shows up on drums. Like he always has! The whole album is great IMO. each song tells a different wonderful story and is worth the money entirely!

jbebcb1987 ,

Review revisited

Now that the entire has been out for some weeks, and giving it 4-5 listens from start to finish, I am not really that impressed/digging it. As I mentioned before, there are some cool moments on songs, but compared to Ironclast, this album falls short. I do recall watching an interview with the FOB guitarist saying that these songs aren’t necessarily brand new material but these are tracks that they’ve been reshaped from old demos “previously in the vault” (before and during Ironclast’s release).

In my opinion Rob (guitarist from Anthrax and now in the band Volbeat) had a significant part and influence on the sound, style and feel of Ironclast. It’s to my understanding that he’s no longer part of this group for the time being. Maybe these tracks were conjured before his arrival and/or after his departure? If you listen to Seal the Deal and Lets Boogie by Volbeat or even Outlaw Gentlemen... and then Ironclast by the Damned Things, the music (more particularly, how the riffs are composed and their arrangements and flows) are almost identical in many ways. Rob made significant contributions (I think) in the overall direction of Ironclast and how it was shaped. I think that’s why THIS album and Ironclast are so vastly different.

This isn’t a bad album, but after “Carry A Brick” the album no longer does it for me. Even the first 5 songs here, compared to my least favorite song on Ironclast “the blues havin’ blues”, make me love and appreciate that song so much more.

I hope this band continues to find the time to write new stuff and tour aside from their main commitments, but hoping that they do whatever they can (going forward) to convince Rob to be part of it, in whatever shape or form that may turn out to be.