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The Beautiful Hibernian

Hibernia is an ageless island to the west of Great Britain. It has gorgeous vistas and a rich culture that spans all of recorded history. Its people are vibrant and colorful and its culture has had a significant influence on cultures all across the globe. Sprung from within its borders are many modern conventions, but most important of these is its contributions to art. It was a Hibernian that revolutionized the way people capture precious moments of history in color, and a Hibernian that first investigated the art of chymistry, “by which one learns to dissolve bodies, and draw from them the different substances on their composition, and how to unite them again, and exalt them to a higher perfection”. Hibernians are also masters of the art of language, English in particular. According to author T.E. Kalem, “The English language brings out the best in the [Hibernian]. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter. They hurl it at the sky like a paint pot full of rainbows, and then make it chant a dirge for man’s fate”. Certainly, Hibernia’s most crucial asset has always been its people; beautiful, diverse and full of vitality.

Renowned Maestro Eimear Noone is a prodigious Hibernian whose debut EP rightfully titled “Hibernian” takes listeners on a journey across time and space to get an intimate look at one of the world’s most treasured locales. In “Flying”, the music is aloft with a powerful string movement that carries listeners across the green plains and rolling hills of her mystical motherland. It is the perfect introduction to the modern Hibernia, and it illustrates sufficiently the majestic state of the land after centuries of experience.

Maestro Noone continues the adventure with “Colder”, a somber reflection of a turbulent history rife with the struggle for personal liberty and expression. It is here that the music reflects the Celtic soul with the bittersweet cry of violins and the trembling of deep drums. It is a respectful look back in time at the sacrifices of proud people against overwhelming spirit-crushing adversity, and the triumph that comes with devotion and perseverance.

What follows is a beautiful piece called “Escape”. It is a rustic movement that begins with a haunting woodwind monologue led by the talented Eric Rigler. It is the perfect metaphor for the settling of the dust after a successful revolution against a British oppression that lasted for centuries. It opens up into a mysterious chorus of chimes and drums to signify the end of the struggle and an uncertain future of opportunity and freedom.

Hibernian concludes the acoustic journey with Jig Phadraic. At first, the mellow piano plays alone and uninterrupted. Eventually, it is joined by a single violin, and together they harmonize against the backdrop of silence and darkness. Finally, Eric Rigler joins the chorus with his legendary Great Highland Bagpipes to bring the adventure to a powerful end on the cusp of a new age of promise.

Eimear Noone’s emotional tour at its end empowers her people into this brave new world in a time of volatility and uncertainty. Hibernia, Eimear Noone’s homeland, is Latin for an island commonly referred to as Ireland to the modern English world; a whimsical land rich with culture and history. Hibernian’s end signifies the dawn of a new beginning for its people, and its future only gets brighter as the sun comes up.

Christopher Tin ,

Love it

Eimear Noone is primarily known as a conductor, but this EP proves she's a first rate cinematic composer as well. The 4 tracks run quite the gamut--from stirring orchestrations, to solo piano, to ambient electronic invocations of her own Irish roots. It's lyrical, hypnotic, with a touch of mystery. Very eager to hear more from her.

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