16 Songs, 45 Minutes


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2.5 out of 5
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21 Ratings



While I know all of these songs, I don't know these versions. These are re-makes... COVERS... for the most part. None of them have the whollop of the originals - the Cascades cover is particularly disturbing. A slaughter of a classic piece of ear candy... and the Timi Yuro cut must've been from her last album and something I wouldn't have included here.
If you like to hear how artists are re-examining their material, this is for you. The rest of us would do better to wait.

GregoryJ ,

This CD is Really bad!

I find it insulting that Apple would even offer this CD, especially since they didn't label it a re=recording.

This 'let's make a quick buck' thinking, stains the whole Apple brand.

demodog ,

Broken Hearted

This really is bad, so bad that it shouldn't be offered for sale. The only redeeming value of this offering is that it does provide a decent list of some good songs/artists - just not these recordings. It's bad...even for K-Tell.

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