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9 Ratings

I'mALindseyStirlingAndTronFan ,


Epic Album ! Guitarmass is my absolute favourite.

TheIronClaw ,


I have been a fan of IM for about ten years. Return to the Sauce was definitely a step in the right direction but now this is the wrong direction again. Here are four specific things that are wrong with IM these days.

1) Relying too much on too few tools. This album suffers greatly because it sounds like only a few tools or plugins were used in making the music. Most of the songs sound exactly like each other. Furthermore, there’s a lack of diversity in the instrumentation and sound effects that makes all of the tracks kind of blend together into an uninteresting blob.

2) Lack of atmosphere. This is a big one for me. When you listen to BP Empire or Vicious Delicious and other older stuff they use pads, panning of sounds, and other sound effects to create an atmosphere under which the rest of the song takes place. There’s almost zero atmosphere in any song on this album. It makes the songs less interesting.

3) Over-reliance on triplets. PLEASE STOP USING SO MANY TRIPLET PASSAGES! Triplets don’t carry as much “forward energy” as quarter-and-eighth note passages do. There definitely is a place for them but they should be used sparingly in my opinion.

4) Bliss on Mushrooms has to be the most boring collaboration that they’ve done so far. The Astrix one was great! Maybe IM should team up with Vini Vici or Captain Hook or Zen Mechanics to remind themselves of what real psytrance sounds like. (I know I’ll catch flak from some people for mentioning Vini Vici as “real psytrance” but I don’t care I think they’re great).

There’s very little redeeming about this album in my opinion. Head of NASA and Here we Go Go Go have some interesting ideas and motifs but are not executed as well as they could. Lost in Space is kind of ok but I thought we learned from Artillery that rap isn’t IM’s cup of tea.

We need more Milosh, Never Ever Land, Nation of Wusses, Vicious Delicious, Before, Deeply Disturbed, and Bombat!

EmbraceSolitude ,

Infected Mushroom

What else is there to say other than what an album

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