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1.3K Ratings

Nick Sweetman ,

Weight And Glory.

KB's album delivers a strong mix of beats and lyrics. No feature is wasted on this album. The tracks "Open Letter (Battlefield)," "Heart Song," and "Hello" stand out. The whole album is worth buying, but if you want to keep it tight, "Zone Out," "Go Off," "Church Clap," and "Tear It Down" are worth looking into.

If you're curious about a particular song, I've broken them down into individual reviews:

// Weight Music: This song delivers the theme of the album. While we "wait" in this world, we have "weight" in this world. All the time we are seeking the glory of God, waiting on Christ's return. The tempo-driving piano and the choir shine on this track.

// Zone Out (feat. Chris Lee Cobbins): Really an introduction to the album's host, KB. This is his testimony. The second verse speaks to the listener, challenging him to challenge his sin by looking to Christ. The lyrics really are the key to this song ("can't see a thing, cuz I'm focused on the light") and the beat is slick. I recommend getting this song.

// Anomaly: The album picks up with this track. KB is delivering something culturally different with this album. Aimed at building foundations for the album, the lyrics are more in-your-face and clever ("I'm ignored more than the surgeon general"). A pretty fitting in-your-face and clever production makes this song an interesting listen, with foundational lyrics for the album.

// Don't Mean Much (feat. Sho Baraka): On the topic of anomaly, this song is a hearty "amen." KB seperates the Jesus who is essential from the things that don't mean much. Sho Baraka comes strong on the second verse. The hook pulls it together nicely, but overall it's not the most musically pleasing track to my ear.

// Go Off (feat. Andy Mineo and Tedashii): Time to go in for holiness and progress in our walk with Christ. The second verse is outstanding. It's probably shows KB's lyric-writing, rapping skills, and gospel-repping. Tedashii goes hard in the third, as well. A great mix of beat, lyrics, and skills. This song is an essential. I highly recommend getting it.

// Mr. Pretender: A darker beat that puts the spotlight on pretenders. A deceitful life and a secondary "holy face" cannot exist within a believer. A believer is at war with deceit. KB explores the role of Mr. Pretender, the negative side of this war in our hearts. Once again, very challenging.

// Open Letter (Battlefield) (feat. Swoope, Trip Lee and Jai): Before I say anything about this song, I would say go ahead and buy this one. It speaks for itself as the most heart-wrenching track. KB reads letters he has received describing struggles and requesting prayer. This is real talk. Trip Lee prays at the end, reminding us of the source of our strength against sin, and interceding for these saints, and asking for God's power to overcome our struggle with sin. The hook declares, "Make war. This life is a battlefield." This song is absolutely essential to buy. You will be broken and blessed by it.

// Heart Song (feat. Jasmine Le'Shea): First of all, this song is dedicated from the outset to Jasmine. This song is crazy powerful. A heart transplant and 11 years later, Jasmine sings, "Underneath these broken pieces there's a heart that never stops." KB's final verse is just jaw-dropping, and Jasmine's wrap-up lyrics are stellar. An amazing song. I highly recommend getting it.

// Angels (feat. Flame): Talk about a quick turn. But happily, it's a right turn. Everyone's trying to climb the ladder and reach the top of the world. But Jesus is already at the top. Come to think of it, he didn't climb, he died and was raised to that spot. No one in the world has angels praising them. On the verse, Flame's roll is different from what we've heard before, but his lyrics are still as strong and practical as always. Not a huge fan of the cricket chirping on the beat, but it's definitely different, and I'm a fan of that. I recommend getting this song.

// Tear It Down: The gospel is airtight. KB is super-serious, and it shows in this track. We've got debaters and critics on every side of us, but the gospel holds its ground. The believers keep a meek face while tearing down the lies of the world. Highly recommend this track.

// Church Clap (feat. Lecrae): Sorry, but the beat is sick. Had to mention that first. The church needs to be cautious not to get caught up in the church clap, and seek to clap to solid doctrine grounded in the gospel. The church needs discernment. Lecrae always brings a quality track, and KB delievers on the third verse especially. If Jesus isn't being glorified, our church clap is just a clap. I recommend this track!

// Hello (feat. Suzy Rock): KB fans have probably heard this song before. It's a powerful, daily reminder of what Christ did on the cross. This song is one of those songs you can listen to every day, and be blessed by. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

// Here We Go (feat. PK): A solid finish! PK's hook is stellar, and the beat is rolling. If "Hello" is the noun, "Here We Go" is the verb. In many ways, this is the "Therefore, because of all these things, go and do these things." Great ending to solid album.

// Zone Out (Amped Remix; Bonus Track): It's called "amped" for a reason. Enough said.

shea_babee ,


I never use that word (epic) but that's what this album is. usually I don't like one or two songs on an album but nope. not this one. I love EVERY SINGLE song.

Tavis_Gray ,

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

This album certainly has a mixture of good music, bad music, and downright ugly music. I understand KB is a rookie, and I applaud him for his first album. He has talent, he loves God, but he isn't anywhere near where he can be as an artist.

I was very disapointed with the production overall. Dirty Rice saved this album production wise, and I'm not always a huge fan of him either, but he certainly supplied solid beats on this one. Open Letter was produced very well, Mr. Pretender is my fav production wise, and Weight Music was tight. Other than the ones I mentioned and Church Clap and Go Off (Don't Mean Much would be on here if it wasn't for such a tragic chorus, that chorus is straight up ugly, but the rest is dope), the production was yet again a weak point. I'm not sure how expensive beats are, but there are guys like J.R., Wit, Hothandz, Courtland Urbano, CJ Luzi and Tyshane that produce bangers. I think the production also has to reflect the artist some too as they chose the songs. KB, you're only a rookie, but please be more picky with your beats. Knowing how talented Street Symphony is as a producer I can't believe you managed to pick the one you did.

Now on to KB..

You showed me you're not just a fast rapper. You actually do have a little change of pace and your voice isn't completely one dimensional. You showed me you have the potential. I'm a huge fan of beats, and KB you didn't do Go Off justice. The first verse was alright, but you really fell off hard on the second one (The "yeaah's" are awkward and corny, and I feel like you could have got your point of the verse across differently), and that chorus... man Andy was too nice but the layering of the voices in the chorus completely ruined it. It should have just been Andy with no layering. The chorus was way overproduced vocally, it should have been simple.

I was really disappointed with the track "Angels". The cricket chirps in the beat are almost as bad as the random whistling in the chorus of Dum Dum.. Flame's flow from 2:30ish to the end of his verse was tragic.. I'm not a fan of it at all, and he rapped just like that on his song Try Me.. sounds like he is rapping a lesson plan of a teacher idk just is a corny flow to me..

I could write a lot more but idk who reads this stuff anyway..

I appreciate what you do KB and I'm glad that a lot of people are digging you, but please don't let that give you the idea that you should make a new album similar to this one. Get on a soulful beat cause you kill those. One of my favorite songs period from you is your intro to your mixtape. Those old school beats suite you well! USE THEM MORE OFTEN PLEASE! That song is quite possibly your best song. Your flow was so dope, the beat was dope, IMULATE THAT!

God Bless, best of luck touring and working on future music! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Thanks for some solid music!

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