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4.7 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

TeeJayNeeMan ,

A trip to Synth Heaven!!! THE WARMEST SOUNDS EVER!!!

I was highly skeptical when my friend gave me this album along with a couple Fiery Furnaces albums...I wasn't crazy about the Fiery Furnaces and when I heard that this was purely electronica, I had already cast it aside and thought I wasn't going to like it at all...BOY WAS I WRONG! Unlike most albums which take me 3 or 4 listens to fully appreciate, by the end of the album I had knew I had found a gem...hell, I had found the holy grail of electronic music...I knew this was going to be an album I would love for years to come...

The best way I can describe the music is as if god is playing a synthesizer...the sounds are so warm and so enveloping...unlike alot of synth music which is fairy simple, the music here is very layered and textured...but it is layered very carefully so that it is not overwhelming...the only thing I really have to say is listen to it and you'll see..

Most people will start of liking "Truck" the most...and if The Octopus Project had to pick a song to be a "single", this one would surely be it...but it is not the best song on the album...not by far...The best song on the album for me is a close two-way tie between "I Saw the Bright Shinies" which is very beautiful and has an addicting synth melody that comes through and the ROCK OUT! SLAMMING fists on the steering wheel "Ghost Moves" which is...well all I can say ROCKIN'! I mean the songs on this album are all so good, even the first song (which turns out being one of the weakest) had me sucked in from the first few seconds of listening to this album...The only song I wasn't wild about and I would say is the weakest is the only song that has vocals: "Queen"...it is a sad way to end an album trying to force their voices in but really, who cares? This album is so great, I wouldn't even care if they screamed and played death metal on the last track...

I have three words to sum up this GREAT album...probably the best electronica album I own....it is: PURE ELECTRONIC BLISS.

MHHealy ,


This group is absolutely amazing. The cd's are great but you have to see them live too! They always seem like they are having the BEST time - I saw them in Houston at Warehouse Live.

andrewhake ,

One of the first bands I have ever been able to say is truly my favorite!

I just recently started listening to these guys (and Gal!) and couldn't be happier! They are even better live, got the chance to see them perform at a small venue (Record Bar in Kansas City) and it was an absolute blast. Such a fantastic combination of sounds, and watching the whole group switch instruments throughout the show is amazing. Yvonne is just blowing my mind with her Theremin skills!

Buy the whole album as it is best as a whole little hour long journey into this little sound world, and if you can, check them out live as soon as you can!

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