Editors’ Notes Culled from outtakes from their past decade's worth of work in order to have a studio album to promote during their 1981 AmericanTour, Tattoo You is a surprisingly cohesive collection and considered by many hardcore fans to be the Rolling Stones' last solid studio album. Time will decide that matter, but for what it is, Tattoo You does feature all the trademarks that made the band an enduring entity long past their first rounds of international success. "Start Me Up" has become one of the group's biggest hits, while "Little T&A" is the perfect showcase for Keith Richards' parched snarl. "Hang Fire" and "Neighbours" define the harder edge of the band's sound. "Black Limousine" nods to their blues roots, while the falsetto-led "Tops," "Heaven" and "No Use in Crying" gently pave the way for "Waiting On A Friend," with a guest sax solo from jazz legend Sonny Rollins, that wraps things up on a strong note of confidence.