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3.9 out of 5
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15 Ratings

Reaper Zeke ,

The First? Really?

Maybe I'm just biased because it was the first Queensryche album I ever listened to, but it makes me kind of sad to hear so much hate about Hear in the Now Frontier. Sure, after listening to this I went back and devoured the entire catalog, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for this album. It doesn't rock as full-throttle as Rage for Order or Empire, it doesn't have the story or the cohesiveness of Operation: Mindcrime. What it has is that stripped-down raw feel that a lot of heavier bands decided to adopt in the '90s when grunge and bubblegum radio pop reigned supreme. Having read that Geoff Tate basically had no interest in this album and that it was basically a DeGarmo solo project I think makes it particularly compelling. I'll admit that not every track is a gem by any means, but a lot of tracks from this album routinely make my favorites playlist (Some People Fly, You, Hit the Black and spOOL -- Chasing Blue Sky if you go the route of getting the extended version). At the end of the day, QR fans need to realize something: all albums are not Mindcrime, all albums should not be expected to BE Mindcrime. Take that thought out of the equation and give this one another listen. You probably won't love every track, but I bet there are a few that maybe you should give a second listen.

metapod ,

The captain let go of the wheel!

DeGarmo's head was in the clouds in this one! "Pun intended"
Geoff Tate isn't on board and you can sense the disjointed feeling.
If this wasn't a Queensrÿche record it would show promise!!
The music is rather good
And it stands up through the test of time.
The problem with this release is that it's not the
Mighty Rÿche!
Not even close.
Spool is the deepest cut with Hit the Black being the heaviest.

Randy Halbe ,

Very very catchy melodies

This is one of the most mellow and rocking albums all at once. As a guitar player I am fascinated with Chris D's song writing.

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