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63 Ratings

63 Ratings

plasmatron ,

Great! But Gil Norton's polish is missing

LOVE the Pixies and the new tracks. But for me, Gil Norton's production on most of the Pixies releases, including the fabulous 'Indie Cindy', is missing here. While great, these tracks sound more like well recorded demos than officially released studio tracks. They need to bring back Gil on the next album. Every band has that perfect producer. The Beatles had George Martin. Weezer has Ric Ocasek. The Pixies have Gil Norton. He's an essential ingredient to the sound, especially on the guitars.

EllisUnderground ,

Great songs, weak bass lines.

Kim Deals bass playing was a massive part of the sound, it is gone and extremely noticeable. Deal knows how to follow the Kick drum give the songs punch, Paz is playing along with the guitarist weakening the rhythm section, same problem with Indie Cindy, no punch. Her vocals are a nice touch.

Studway ,

Frank Black Francis is a genius

I think most of the negative reviews for this album are coming from people who aren't aware of the 20 (yes, 20) solo albums that frank black Francis has put out since 1993. The man is one of the great musical geniuses of our generation. He has been constantly exploring and growing for the last 20+ years. You can't expect new pixies to sound like the old stuff. Forget about surfer rosa and Doolittle and just rate this album on its own merits. In my opinion, it's fantastic.

Second reason people diss this album - they think that Kim Deal was far more important than she was. She was (and is) an extremely average bass player who could do exactly one interesting thing vocally. She owes her entire career to frank black Francis. She should be the one writing him a thank you song. Breeders music sounds great on the first listen, then you get bored with it right away. FBF music requires effort to comprehend, but rewards the listener with deep, long-lasting satisfaction.

I was 18 when surfer rosa came out. I wore out every pixies cassette I bought. Then I got into FBF solo stuff. Teenager of the year is the finest thing he has ever done - yes, better than any pixies album. I've seen pixies 4 or 5 times, frank black and the Catholics 5 or 6 times. I've even seen Dave loverings magic show (not bad). I've shaken hands with FBF. I'm a big fan. I would rank head carrier in the top 5 albums FBF has made. Teenager, tromps le monde, are 1,2. After that it's hard to decide. Enjoy this for what it is - a joyful, masterfully executed collection of some of the best songs FBF has ever written.

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