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10 Ratings

Adam J. Byrne ,

My Personal Favorite

I picked this one out of all the classics in Carly's catalog. It's an excellent overview of the amazing singer's styles and skill. I love all the tracks here. Recently I reviewed an album and spoke about how music could speak to you even if you aren't necessarily at the age group it's been designed for. I've known of this record for a long time, first hearing the track Holding Me Tonight on a 1990 Ford Motors Audio Sampler. It was furnished by Arista records and had nothing but great songs, ranging from Lily Was Here by Candy Dulfer, to So Close by Hall and Oates. Basically if you were an Arista hitmaker or staple of the label in 1990, you made an appearance on the sampler. Carly's song first came as something I looked at as a nice song but I didn't really like it. I was more into the more upbeat tunes on it. But after a month or so of listening, I LOVED the song. I was 4 at the time. I always knew it was a love song, but as my life progressed I figured out it was a love song about an older woman nervous about her first experience with a new man. The track is beautiful. As I got older, about 14 or 15, I got a copy of Have You Seen Me Lately from a friend. The first track Better Not Tell Her caught me immediately being beautiful and having a driving chorus and some beautiful acoustic influences. Didn't I followed with its songs of everyone is different but sometimes we all go through the same thing story. Have You Seen Me Lately floored me to such extent that even now, hearing it is a real treat for me. I can repeat it over and over, and never tire of it. It's beautiful...a childlike view on middle age. Life is Eternal still makes me kind of sad. It's about how even in death you continue living. It's a nice sentiment, but bittersweet at best. Waiting At The Gate is a song about Rehab for a friend who no one knew was a pothead and a drunk. It's message is clear and the sound of the song is dark and brooding until the end, taking its cue from Tubular Bells, and ending on a sunny happy note. Happy Birthday is pretty funny, starting in what sounds like another dark piece, turning to some lighthearted birthday wish listings. It's Not Like Him is a strange track to me, always was. I think it's about a wife who thinks because her man is changing and doing different things in his life that he's cheating. I still like the track but I sometimes look at the radio and think to myself...Carly, let him wear snakeskin boots, and let him take Karate classes...if he says another womans name, it doesn't mean he's had sex with her....maybe he just has fantasies...everyone does... :). Don't Wrap It Up is a cute pop ditty, about not giving in til you're ready to. Fisherman's Song is cute as well. We Just Got Here is another song in the vein of Life Is Eternal and works for me because it's message isn't as somber as L.I.E. A good end to a great album. After nearly 20 years of hearing this record, and still not even close to 40...the age group the record caters to, I know that you don't necessarily have to be over 40 to understand the messages that the tracks here represent. I love this record and will continue to cherish it as I slowly approach my 40's. It's a great album to enjoy, and take timeless journeys with.

VocalFan ,

Have you heard this lately? Listen!

This album has some excellent songs! "Better Not Tell Her" and "Don't Wrap It Up" are uptempo tunes with catchy melodies. Also listen to the poignant lyrics of "Didn't I" and "We Just Got Here", and "Happy Birthday", with its tongue-in-cheek look at getting older. A present from Carly to us!

FDR in SD ,

Carly explores middle age

Though that theme sounds depressing, it’s not. This is a good album, approaching “Coming Around Again” in quality but a little less commercial. The two singles were “Better Not Tell Her” and “Holding Me Tonight”, the tracks with the most pop appeal. The first is a really sexy tale of love and regret; the second is equally sexy and about giving your partner confidence by letting them know how you appreciate them. “Didn’t I” breaks your heart, as does “It’s Not Like Him”, but in a totally different way. The rest are good too, and the album ends perfectly with “We Just Got Here”. This makes for a great listen.

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