8 Songs, 32 Minutes


Sam France and Jonathan Rado enlist a full orchestra, go bananas.


Sam France and Jonathan Rado enlist a full orchestra, go bananas.


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4.8 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Dave R M ,

Innovative Rock Album

This album is excellent- if you are a music lover, pick this up - one of my favorites of 2017

fugnugly ,

Great tribute to 70s music!

Foxygen's EP "Take the Kids Off Broadway" was great. Their full album follow-up, "We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic" was a masterpiece, in my opinion, that had set the bar so high for me, that I probably couldn't help but be disappointed with "...And Star Power," which lacked the cohesion that the other two had, and just seemed like a hodge-podge of different tracks thrown together, none of them as memorable as their earlier stuff. So I was unsure what to think when I purchased this album. Though it's no "We Are the 21st Ambassadors...", I'm happy to say...that it's really good! Foxygen has a way of borrowing sounds and styles from other bands, and making them their own. They were heavily influenced by psychedelic / Summer of Love groups of the late 60s in their first album, and I thought that it worked quite well for them, and found it refreshing. This one has a very 70s sound. While some of the influences are obvious (like Lou Reed, ABBA, and Neil Diamond), some of them are a bit more subtle (Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, etc.). If you like that sound (as I do, for the most part), then chances are you'll love this album. If you don't, then it's likely that "Hang" won't exactly be your cup of tea. Would have liked to have a few more tracks, as the album is pretty short (8 songs, 33 minutes), but I guess I won't complain since their last one was a double for the price of one. Overall, a great album that has me looking forward to their future endeavors. Definitely worth checking out.

Preditor176 ,

I Dig it

I haven't heard a band make music this orchestral and symphonic in the form of rock since the 70s. Absolutely groovy. These guys know how to write music

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