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msuscon1 ,

One of America's Best Bands

Any compilation of Greatest Hits from a band as profound as Little Feat is bound to leave off any number of gems, and this is certainly true here (Rock and Roll Doctor?!?!). That being said, for the casual fan, this is a home-run and a great portal into the world of Little Feat. If it peaks your interest, I would strongly encourage you to pick up Feats Don't Fail Me Now and Dixie Chicken in their entirety - they are simply outstanding. If you're track hunting, no one should go without Willin', Dixie Chicken, Roll Um, or Fat Man in their collection. Hoy Hoy!

Zusya ,

All That You Dream is Mislabelled

A great collection from a great band. Not a bad tune here. However, note that "All That You Dream" included is the Live version from "Waiting for Columbus" - *not* the studio version with Linda Ronstadt as listed here.

Poore K ,

One of the greatest bands ever.

Little Feat is one of the world's greatest treasures and yeah they're showing their age a bit recently but everything up to cut 14 on this compilation is pure unadulterated genius. The stuff after '86 is good but nothing compares to Cold Cold Cold or Roll 'em Easy.

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