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54 Ratings

Andrew Renslow ,

Toki and Gavin Turek !

By far my favorite featured artist you colab with.


Soul to Seoul

TOKiMONSTA's Half Shadows is the best way she could of fallowed Midnight Menu. I find this album to be dripping textures both rigged and smooth. (A brief of each track)

"The Center: The song is very bouncy with a great sounding sample-based kick drum while its being lifted by the gritty synth line in the background"
"The Force: This song is filled with mellow tone distant and close percussion and a low sub drum. I really didn't care for the rap on this track"
"808: It seems like it's just The Center but more synth based and has less reverb, still very bouncy but doesn't have the same feel which made it lose the effect"
"Focused Chaos: The track is very grimy from the drums to the constant over looped sample in the lead"
"Clean Slate: The vocals on this track just glide over it so well and is very calm, from this point on the whole album really smooths out with a few rugged synths and percussion"
"Foolish: Taking the same singer from Clean Slate really blends these two tracks together. I enjoyed how lovely this track is, everything just falls into place and gives out a very Nu Disco vibe"
"Go With It: The vocal loops and layering over the tribal sounding percussion goes over perfectly with the dropping and rising synth work.
"Spilling Autumn: This track is very hunting and pixelated with a fuzzy feeling with a melodic xylophone/synth-key floating underneath rising into a mellow jumpy synth lead.
"Sweet Williams: Continuing the haunting vibe taken from Spilling Autumn it's a little more sweet with its slightly off tones and sighing vocals melting together. Through out the whole feeling shifts as the production on the track revolves around your head.
"Soul to Seoul: A melancholy guitar, moaning vocal samples, and Tokimansta's vocals coming out a little more clear. Everything in this track just bleeds together so nicely (my favorite besides Foolish) it can sound either really depressing or lovely depending oh how you're feeling going into the track.
"Green: Getting out of the dreamscape the last three tracks wrapped your mind in this track comes with clear vocals and melodic bass lines and clear cutting drums.
"Waiting For the Break of Dawn: This sounds like something Gold Panda would of put out. A jazzy feeling followed with a layering of distant moans and it seems like there is a breeze going through out the track.
"Moon Rise: There are some soul feeling vocal layovers and mellow synths. This track just starts sinking of a pretty hue of the night as the song seeps on. A great closer to the album.
"Yo B! (Bonus track): the drums make it seem like someone is knocking in the walls around you and the choppy synths with a lot of vocal layering and loud verses sound like something Grimes could of released.

Low points:
- The starting was very different from the rest of the album.
- The vocals on The Force.
High Points:
- The majority of the album had great vocal work and bleed together nicely.
- Very catchy and great mellow tracks.

Over all it was a pretty great release and in my opinion her best work 4/5

jeffrey__b ,

Spilling Autumn and other songs

The first song, “The Center,” is like a good stretch before an exercise. It limbers us up sonically for what is to come; it teases with a few varied synths and what sounds like processed vocals and then becomes a symphony of catchy rhythms and beats. It is a clean and optimistic tune that is a perfect introduction to the album.

In “The Force,” the second song, we are faced with some immediate concrete imagery with vocalist/rapper Kool Keith referring to the Army, Navy, and Marines, along with planes and industry. On the track “808,” we are taken back to a more abstract, instrumental vision as the song feels like part two of “The Center;” the song almost gives us a restart to the album, taking us deeper sonically and allowing us to clear our sonic palate before we continue. “Focused Chaos” is a progression of the instrumental tracks except that it has distinct repeating vocal samples looped and transformed as if they were native lyrics. The rhythms are harder and choppier, as if a metronome has been short-circuited, outputting its own chaotic rhythms.

“Clean Slate” begins a new journey on the album with soft, atmospheric synthesizers and Gavin Turek’s feminine vocals. Her words are full of optimism as perhaps she is introducing herself to someone new or just emerging into the world as an adult as she sings, “You can’t stop me once I believe.” The next song, “Foolish,” again has Gavin Turek’s vocals with more disco-inspired sounds and rhythms. Here again we have a female voice perhaps addressing a love interest that she knows may not be perfect, but she puts forth the effort as Turek sings, “Deep down I know I should get away from you.”

“Go with It” is a further evolution of Tokimonsta’s pop sensibilities. This song is layered with harmonious melodies, memorable verses, and a catchy chorus. The lyrics are provided by the musical artist and vocalist known as MNDR. Here we are introduced to a more assertive feminine voice as MNDR sings, “Follow my lead, ’Cause I've been here before.”

The writer assumes that the next three songs: “Spilling autumn,” “Sweet William,” and “Soul to Seoul,” which all have soft but distorted feminine vocals, are that of Tokimonsta. “Spilling Autumn” takes us on an emotional and melancholy journey. In this song I get an imagined sense of spiritualism as perhaps Tokimonsta is revisiting love. The title and song allow us to ponder the change in the world as we move from summer to winter. Without slowing things too much, the breezy synth lines pick up speed in the song, bringing about a feeling of lightheartedness that you might imagine as a swift breeze releases leaves into the air. “Sweet William” slows the album down further and perhaps is another representation of Tokimonsta’s self-reflection. “Soul to Seoul” is an epic conclusion to these three songs that Tokimonsta appears to sing herself. This song has an almost cinematic quality. I imagine in this song she is trying to make amends with a former friend or lover that she can’t quite separate herself from. The song is slow and requires us to be patient as she builds it sonically and then takes us through the refrain one last time.

“Green,” the eleventh song on the album, has the vocals of Andreya Triana. Triana brings a solid dose of soul, but also a melancholy atmosphere. This is a very addictive and moving track. “Moonrise” ends the song list on this digital version of the album. On this track we are treated to the alto-esque vocal abilities of Jesse Boykins III. The song has a feminine feel too, but through a male perspective.

The album Half Shadows gets its name from a quote from Haruki Murakami’s book Kafka on the Shore. In the book, one of the main characters states, “My shadow is only half of what it should be.” The album’s theme of a less-than-perfect shadow and shadows in general fits with the emotions portrayed by the music and vocalists on the album. Tokimonsta is delivering an album and experience that asks us in listening to help fill that void of a missing other half.


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