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4.9 out of 5
61 Ratings

61 Ratings

milehighdjguy ,

A Masterpiece

Like a lot of people I was introduced to King's X via MTV's Headbanger's Ball in 1989. While Seattle was churning out grungemasters who would later spawn the spin-off of numerous "angry white boy bands", King's X emerged as something toatally unique and creative. Somehow I had missed thier first release "Out of the Silent Planet", but Gretchen Goes To Nebraska would simply not be ignored. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It had been quite some time since I actually got excited about a band. It is rare that a band produces such a masterpiece on just thier second release. Gretchen Goes to Nebraska is great from start to finish. I think the "christian rock" tag alienated a lot of listeners. I also think it was unfair to the band to put them in that category. The band members are of Christian faith (or at least they were at the time of this recording), this was never meant to be an album for the Christian rock market. While some of the songs definately are connected with images and opinions of faith, this is not something you would find on the shelf at a bible book store. No, this is far from the style or target audience of bands like Petra and Stryper. This album was just as kick-a*s as anything the "metal gods" of the 80's were producing at the time, and just as deep an meaningful as any of the best prog rock legends.This album is at the top of my "desert island disc" list.

procksi ,


no long words .... simply the best album of my lifetime.

wannabef ,

A Top-Five All-Time Album

The only album I can think of it that surpasses it for innovation, songwriting and sheer musicality is Abbey Road. The fact that the public at large doesn't know this album is nothing short of shameful. Beyond the usual suspects of "Over My Head," "Out of the SIlent Planet" and "Summerland," the harmonies on "The DIfference" create a transcendent experience. Every song is a revelation, and there is not a bad track to be heard. Buy it now.

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