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4.4 out of 5
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13 Ratings


Great album

Ritchie Blackmore has given more than his fair share to hard rock and metal. This folksy stuff gives him almost a sense of redemption in his music, the fingerpicking is great on this album as well

Luneara ,


The songs are beautiful with a slight folksy feel to them and it makes them wonderful

ManWithGoodTaste! ,

The band's first offering is perfection

Ritchie tried various forms of bombastic rock throughout his youth, in pursuit of loud sound and fame. Though that resulted in fair amount of classics, eventually he realized he had to stop, and do the 1 thing he always dreamed he could do, but never fully tried....... until mid-90s.

While taking a break from 2 decades of rock, he met Candice Night, and, against all odds, she shared hie exact interest in european medieval and Rainassance music. Then, the decision was made to go into full on old european (16th century or so) sound and never look back (except adding electric guitar here and there). Their first album of that type of music was simply perfect, with each track lovingly put together performed, and mixed. Not a single wrong note or missed beat or instrument misused. About a 3rd of the material is built from chord progressions and melodies of older european composers (the most contemporary being Tchaikovsky!) The rest is Ritchie's music + Candice's words. Wish You Were Here is an oddity, being a cover of a contemporary american song. There are several instrumentals, and the american release (and german reissue) adds 1 more, dedicated to Ritchie's late cat. In my CORRECT opinion, this track should be on every version of the album.

Ritchie and Candice accomplished exactly what they wanted, and there is simply nothing to complain about (unless you're still salty Ritchie abandoned hard rock, I assure you he does not cares about what you think).

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