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18 Ratings

Junryou ,


In terms of animated television show soundtracks, 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series' steals the top prize for "Astounding" scores.

With a dynamic range and beautifully arranged themes, Frederik Wiedmann creates music to accompany an equally incredible series. The show's setting is in the outer realms of space; the score matches that feeling. By using a wonderful variety of instruments, such as the electric strings, the composer takes the audience into that unknown, vast universe.

Certain themes add depth to the character development. For instance, "Aya's Birth" starts with a few instruments in low tones, but it crescendos into a beautifully complex theme - reflecting the character of Aya. Other themes, such as "Love Remembered" tug on the heart strings. Even powerful, epic themes come into play, as heard in the tracks "A New World" and "The Destiny of Atrocitus."

I highly recommend this score to any and all fans of the Green Lantern series [both the comics and the animated show]. I also think fans of The Track Team - the guys behind the 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' soundtrack - will enjoy this score immensely. This soundtrack ranks up on the level of "theatrical score," in my opinion [and I am a soundtrack connoisseur]. Please do take a listen and purchase if you like it!

Taffy phelps ,

Phenomenal score

This is a soundtrack you would not typically associate with a cartoon. It is epic on a grand scale. Sadly the series is over but lives on thru Frederick Wiedmann's score.

Eduardoiscool ,

More music please

The songs from the red lantern storyline was good, but I personally like the anti monitor storyline better. The songs that I really want are from Loss, Scarred, Dark Matter, and my favorite soundtrack from the episode Cold Fury. I really want the soundtrack from
Cold Fury, because I would deviantly buy that album 😃

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