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Оцінок: 32

Musically Addicted ,


I was checking to see if iTunes had added any TAD albums, and lo and behold - Inhaler! This was my first exposure to this band from Seattle - WOW! I see that Pearl Jam is releasing a new album; WHO CARES? Out of all the bands that were pouring out of Seattle in the late '80's and early '90's (Pearl Jam included), these guys rocked the hardest. The original drummer had been replaced for this album, but they didn't miss a beat. I'm glad to see iTunes make this available; might Salt Lick be next? Do yourself a big favor: BUY THIS ALBUM!

kevymac311b ,

TAD who would have thought...

Who would have posited that you, yes you were the hallmark transitional cornucopia of dissonance that embodied the formation of what was to become the Grunge movement. Ironically, as lore goes, the band was founded at a Christian banquet. Whatever happened, TAD had few precedents which bore them unto the early Seattle grunge scene. As fate would have it, their main influences were The Melvins and Sabbath, their cadence reflecting a darker tone when compared to the likes of Alice in Chains, or even The Screaming Trees. The latter of which would end up collaborating with TAD bassist Kurt Danielson as irony would have it playing as Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.
History aside, TAD's sound captured the edgy crunchy, driven side of emergent Seattle bands who at the time really were able to adapt to the torch bearers of a generation searching for an alternative answer to AR rep big record company generated music. Inhaler embodies the band at their raspy and melodic incarnations. While driving forward with astute forceful guttural chord progressions, undertones of reflective melody are captured forever on Inhaler.

Louberg ,

What ''Ride the Lightning'' was to metal, this album should have been to grunge.

I can't say enough good things about this album. If you're thinking about getting this, and you're a fan of grunge/hard rock...This is a must have.

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