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5 Ratings

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This is dark melodic rock with crooning vocals that sometimes have a hardcore edge to them, making them a "post hardcore" band. I am not one to usually put such precise labels on this kind of music, but that is what they essentially are, with a tinge of metal and some progressive elements. I am a little surprised that this album does not have any reviews other than the guy that wrote the album summary for iTunes, since this is a very talented band, that released this album on a large label with good production. The individual who reviewed this for iTunes said it has something in common with Machine Head, which is a Heavy Metal outfit that is more similar to melodic death metal/ thrash metal, so there is absolutely NO connection here that can be made to Machine Head. That is just a silly and downright WRONG comparison. Machine Head is one of the best, most aggressive bands metal bands, with Rob Flynn being one of the most talented, technically gifted guitarists on earth, all while singing. I love Death Metal, and Thrash Metal and Fightstar is not it, and does not pretend to be. He also drew some silly connection with Slipknot, which is equally puzzling. Anyway, since I like a broad range of music, I put Fightstar on when I want something dark and melodic that has a heavy edge to it, yet is also melancholic at the same time. Think of early Weezer, but a little more angry as a better analogy. There is not a ton of technicality in this music, such as would be found in Machine Head. However, they are talented musicians and the guitarists do have skills. This is an easy listen, with all songs appealing to me in some way. There is not much in the way of filler on the album. Enjoy, and check out all of their other stuff as well.

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