12 Songs, 1 Hour 9 Minutes


Apple Digital Master


Mastered for iTunes

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40 Ratings



Don't mess with perfection.

nbu ,

Does Paul Simon know about this?

If he doesn't, he should listen to these remixes, and sue the producers for ruining his classics. If he was dead, and this was a remix tribute, I'm sure he'd be rolling over in his grave.

Rhyno X ,

This rump shaker is totes burnin' up the...

...dancefloor at the Applebee's in the strip mall in Dullsville, USA. I listen to a lotta electronic noise both mainstream and underground and I dig Paul Simon since I was a little boy when my mama she loved me like a rock. So it kills me to say it but this stuff is beyond weak.

Maybe I can stomach the Photek mix but Photek hasn't produced much challenging output since the 1st Photek LP and that was years ago.

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