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10 valutazioni

inkbayou ,

Mostly Imitated - Never Equaled

If you really like Jazz and good music no matter what genre, don't let the review above turn you off. This is the real deal. Many have imitated the smooth jazz feel so that very little is left of the jazz and mostly what you get is smooth. But this is the band that started it so long ago. The early albums are much more raw as I remember them; this single song sounds much more fluid and not raw. The vibes are great too. The wind ham hill recording itself is awesome as all of its productions. This is written from the land of Louisiana where Jazz was created so this is not necessarily an uninformed review; but certainly a review written by someone who has heard his share good and very good jazz as well as genres merged into genres.

SirSoul08 ,

Spyro Gyra

One of their best albums ever. Really like Breezeway a lot.

Weaveman ,

"One of the best contemparary Jazz albums ever"

I love the vibes on this album!!! I have allways been a big Spyro Gyra fan, and love most of their music, but above all this tends to be one of their best colaberations!! I dont understand why itunes only offers one song from the album. i would buy it today if it was availiable on itunes.

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