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27 Ratings

♪♫ Rusted ♫♪ Root ♪♫ ,

So you could say...

Okay, so maybe I was a bit over zealous with the rating but the soundtrack is a perfect representation for all that this movie offers. It takes listeners through the story of the two main characters and really evokes some powerful emotions. My favorites include, "Gone Away" featured here and "Somebody Loved" which was not included on this album (quite disappointing). I do however recommend checking it out anyways. I'll admit that my admiration for this album is partly due to the fact that I have seen the movie. While some of you may like the songs without seeing it you would only benefit from doing so. For example, the soundtrack from (500) Days of Summer was amazing but it was so much more meaningful after i saw the movie. Either way i hope you guys enjoy because I most certainly did. :)

Back to the 80's ,

Just Look Up at the Night Sky

I thought I left a review earlier, but i guess not. So for the second time, I will say that I really enjoyed this movie and the score. It sets the tone for a beautifully crafted movie about a young man with Aspergers and the relationship with his dream girl. I had to get every piece of music which aids the audience in seeing Adam as his girlfriend sees him. I've only couldn't get enough of a movie score once before (500 Days of Summer) so if you get the chance to watch this amazing film, don't be suprised if it captivates you as much as it did me.

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