26 Songs, 4 Hours 26 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

beathead_12000 ,

Fabulous Mix

Warren has put together a great, modern mix of downtempo and funky progressive tracks. CD 1 is a wide-ranging collection of electronica...very funky, but not entirely danceable. I immediately ran to find Audioglider releases because the two tracks here are beautiful stuff. CD 2 has the driving bass lines you would expect from Warren & some wonderful new tracks...more subtle than "main floor"...except, of course, for that track by Eelke Kleijn that I LOVE. If you heard that in a club at the end of this set...wow. Very good as GU mixes go.

listen2techno ,

good stuff

this is a great compalation with great music, the only bad thing about it is the fack that itunes leeds you to belive that your getting the full songs plus the dj mixes but this is not the case if you play the songs back to back with no skips (gapless playback) you find out that is the same as the two mixes (songs 25&26). to me this is stupid because most every cd and mp3 player (ipod too) on earth will play without a pause between tracks!!! if your stuff wont you need an upgrade. what im getting at is now i have two copies of each mix (1 to 11= song 25 and 12 to 24= song 26) and that just lame!! good music but i got had by itunes

mmarlowe ,

Eat Your Heart Out

I've heard every single GU album released and in my humble opinion, this is the best GU album to date... with Sasha GU 13 Ibiza coming in second. I know that's a bold statement, but it's true. The track selection here is simply phenominal. Nick Warren has an extremely good ear for what sounds good mixed together, with the peaks and valleys in all the right spots. Disk one might be the best downtempo/afterparty mix I've ever heard and disk two heats up for a more dancy mix. This album represents where the industry is right now. It's very contemporary. Listen to any tracks put out by any of the artists on this album and you'll discover more gold. Now, if you're used to mainstream club/dance music this may not be your cup of tea. This album requires a seasoned ear for electronica... And that's why there are a few negative reviews on here. But I can pretty much guarantee that no matter who you are, if you listen to this album a few times it WILL grow on you like a fungus - a sexy smooth fungus you'll want to keep forever. The negative reviews on here are from people who like pop and mainstream anthems and who don't really have the attention span for gems of this calibur. Unless you fall into that shameful category, BUY IT!

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