The second full-length release from Jacuzzi Boys shows the Miami trio has real staying power, though they’ve taken a slight turn off the fuzz’n’drang speedway of 2009’s No Seasons. On Glazin’, our boys mix it up with other distant relations to the garage rock blood-line, mostly to good effect though some may miss the visceral gut kicking of No Seasons. Singer/guitarist Gabriel Alcala’s voice is a shade sweeter and smoother, making lyrics like “I can koo koo with you til the end” actually viable here, and the guitar sound is peppier and cleaner (though there’s a good dose of grit on the pounding “Silver Sphere”).  “Born Dancer” and “Zeppelin” imagine T-Rex boogying in the 21st century, and the clean-cut zig-zag of “Libras and Zebras” and the youthful love-struck jangle of “Crush” are pure power pop at their cores. “Vizcaya” and “Glazin’” insouciantly blend all these genres — vintage garage-rock, power pop, glam — into one entity, and like carefully cut gems, the tunes radiate brilliance from all angles. There are a lot of good times to be had on Glazin’, they're just slightly more well behaved.

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