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kat97 ,

Simple but with harmony and melody

It's too bad Such a pleasant song is about cannibalism, but you don't quite comprehend that at the start because the melody is so catchy. A weird song to have, to say the least. By the way, Rupert Holmes was a session musician back then and (in additiion to composing the piece) played piano for the Buoys when this song was issued in 1971.

bigeclecticcat ,

Timothy - a Dave Barry Classic!

DB ranks this song as 4th worse song ever from his "Book of bad songs". Behind (everybody's favorite) "Macarthur's park", "Yummy, yummy yummy" and "Havin' my baby". A nice song about a mining disaster where there are 3 survivors .... and after a while they get hungry. Poor Timothy! Made all the more special by being penned by Rupert Holmes, the Pina Colada author.

Stonerbeachbum65 ,

Pure Early Seventies Pop.

I used to hear “Timothy” on A/M radio in Northern Virginia and liked the song alot. Didn’t realize Rupert Holmes wrote it. Apparently it’s a song having to do with cannabalism but no one including me and my friends even really fave it a thought back then. I mean it was just a good pop song. Don’t know why people are bringing up the cannabalism thing. I mean who really cares!

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